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Dalian City accelerates the comprehensive renovation of coal-fired boilers

2020-08-31 08:59    page view:

Guide: A few days ago, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau convened the fourth week scheduling meeting of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector rectification and pollution prevention "two tough battles" 100-day tackling action.

  (Dalian News Media Group reporter Ba Jiawei) A few days ago, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau convened a scheduling meeting for the fourth week of the "Two Tough Battles" 100-day Tackling Action of the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector, Rectification and Pollution Prevention and Control. The reporter was informed that as of now, the renovation of coal-fired boilers in Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District, Lushunkou District, High-tech Zone, Jinpu New District, Wafangdian City and other areas still account for a large proportion of the number of coal-fired boilers that have not yet started. Strong measures must be taken to study each. Specific measures to accelerate the rectification work. In addition, the rectification tasks of Changhai County's informal garbage dumps that should be completed in August must be completed.

  The meeting required that the comprehensive renovation of coal-fired boilers should accurately analyze the situation and tasks, and schedule the construction schedule according to the time node at the end of September to ensure that it is completed on time. Pay close attention to the implementation of tasks such as the Fuzhou Bay Ecological Restoration Project, the fence isolation project of 2 county-level water source protection areas in Wafangdian City, and the rectification of the Pulandian Bay's inferior water quality problems. Strictly implement measures to meet the standards of key river sections during the flood season. Further implement the management and control measures for straw incineration and continuously improve the quality of the atmospheric environment.


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