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Air pollution control makes the sky bluer and the people happier

2020-09-01 14:31    page view:

Guide: The prevention and control of air pollution requires both "heaven's help" and "human effort". Behind the blue sky photo screen friends circle is the hard work of environmentalists, including the staff of the atmospheric department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau.

  Recently, the weather has been fine, and many citizens took out their mobile phones and aimed their cameras at the blue sky and white clouds to bask in the blue sky in the circle of friends. "I feel that the air I breathe is sweet." Citizen Ms. Wang also took a blue sky photo while waiting for the traffic lights. She told reporters that looking at the blue sky, her mood improved, even waiting for traffic lights or traffic jams. I'm not so anxious anymore.

  The prevention and control of air pollution requires both "heaven's help" and "human effort". Behind the blue sky photo screen friends circle is the hard work of environmentalists, including the staff of the atmospheric department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau.

  "A few days ago, we cooperated with higher-level departments to inspect construction site dust, gas station oil and gas recovery, etc., and handed over the identified problems through the pollution source monitoring platform. We will also carry out a'look back' action in the future to follow up the progress of the problem at any time. Wu Yongbing, head of the Atmospheric Section of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, said that the work of the Atmospheric Section is very trivial. It must be arranged according to the requirements of superiors, scheduled regularly, monitored changes in the air environment index, controlled coal, oil, vehicles, and dust, and supervised the emissions of industrial enterprises. ...Because of the small number of staff in the department, overtime is common. Coupled with the fact that each person's work content is different, the daily communication work can be described as "only hear the voice, not see the person."

  "The clean energy transformation of coal-fired boilers involved more than 200 boilers. I ran more than 300 trips by myself, and at least 3 trips in each factory." No measure can be implemented sitting in an office. You must go deep into the site. This task fell on Zhang Cong, a staff member of the Atmospheric Division of the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment. “Industrial factories run smoothly. The difficulty lies in the township bathrooms. They don’t think there is anything wrong with coal-fired boilers. They can only start with propaganda and raise their awareness of environmental protection. At first, they held meetings in the town. Promote door by door." Zhang Cong said.

  With the advancement of air pollution prevention and control work, the VOCs pollution problem closely related to ozone pollution has been listed as a key content. "Compared with conventional pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, VOCs have a complex composition and a wide range of pollution sources.

  Because there is no relevant emission base figure, before promoting the VOCs provincial and municipal key enterprises to carry out the ‘one company, one policy’ work, we conducted a survey of 47 key companies involved in VOCs emissions in the city. "Wu Yongbing told reporters that VOCs are fugitive emissions, and the end treatment effect is minimal. Only by controlling the total amount of each industry, specific project emission reduction measures point-to-point, eliminating or reducing emissions from the source, can effectively reduce VOCs emissions and effectively curb ozone. Pollution trend.

  Based on the VOCs emissions in the jurisdiction, the Department of Atmospheric Sciences has improved the list of key enterprises’ ozone emergency management and control enterprises, formulated quantifiable, operable, and assessable measures to stop production and limit production, adhere to the bottom line that the emission reduction ratio of key industries is not less than 30%, and at the same time replace raw and auxiliary materials Companies with a VOCs content of less than 10% and a collection rate and treatment rate of 90% are included in the exempt enterprise management. It is understood that key provincial-level VOCs enterprises have completed the preparation of the "one enterprise, one policy" plan and passed expert review, and are stepping up to organize their implementation; key municipal VOCs have completed performance evaluations.

  Environmental quality continues to improve, and the people's sense of happiness in the blue sky has been steadily improved. The latest data shows that from January to July, the city’s ambient air compliance rate was 83%, a year-on-year increase of 12.9 percentage points; the average PM2.5 value was 37.9 micrograms/cubic meter, a year-on-year decrease of 9.1%.

  Environmental governance is a tough battle and a protracted battle. In the next step, the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau will conscientiously implement the spirit of the 11th Plenary Session of the 13th Municipal Party Committee, resolutely win the battle to defend the blue sky, promote the in-depth management of VOCs in key industries and the construction of emission supervision capabilities; strengthen the prevention and response to heavy pollution weather, and follow the "One "One policy" accurately implements emission reduction measures, organizes surprise inspections around key areas and key objects, and continues to strictly manage and re-control air pollution; accelerate the construction of the air environment quality monitoring system to ensure full coverage of the city's ambient air quality automatic monitoring sites within the year.

Staff inspecting gas station oil and gas recovery


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