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Keep it safe! Chengdu Wuhou will conduct random inspections on special pressure equipment

2020-09-26 09:00    page view:

Guide: Sichuan News Network, Chengdu, September 24 (Reporter Li Dan) "Are all the operators certified to work? In addition, please check the daily safety of pressure vessels

  Sichuan News Network, Chengdu, September 24 (Reporter Li Dan) "Are all the operators certified to work? In addition, please show us the daily safety inspection, hidden danger investigation and maintenance records of the pressure vessel! "A few days ago, the staff of the Wuhou District Market Supervision Bureau of Chengdu, together with technicians from the Chengdu Special Inspection Institute, came to a CNG refueling station to conduct "raid-style" spot checks on the safety of special pressure equipment at the refueling station.

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  It is understood that the gas filling station has a total of 17 pressure vessels, including 6 gas storage wells and 1 pressure pipeline. In this inspection, the joint inspection team focused on four major aspects: personnel risk factors, management risk factors, equipment risk factors, and environmental risk factors. From personnel certification, safety education and training, safety emergency drills to the implementation of management systems, from equipment Periodic inspections, equipment usage, equipment safety accessories to equipment operating environment, each link strictly controls the checklist, item by item "security inspection scan" to ensure that no loopholes are missed, and no hidden dangers are left. After more than 3 hours of meticulous inspection, the special equipment used in the filling station is in good overall safety.

  Pressure-bearing special equipment has the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure and high parameter operation, containing flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals, high risk, and continuous operation during production. Once a danger occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. In order to effectively tighten the "safety valve" of high-risk special equipment, the Wuhou District Market Supervision Bureau and Chengdu Special Inspection Institute conducted a phased, step-by-step, and focused quality and safety inspection of special pressure equipment in the region.

  It is understood that this year Wuhou District plans to conduct random inspections of 300 pressure vessels, 50 boilers, and 10 pressure pipelines. The random inspection adopts the method of indefinite time, no greetings, no notices, direct access to the grassroots, straight to the scene, and direct inspections. Through dynamic random inspections, the establishment of "one company, one file" can accurately find the hidden management shortcomings and risk factors. If there are problems in the inspection, the company is required to immediately rectify and reform, and the Chengdu Special Inspection Institute will "look back". Only after the experience has passed the inspection can it be put into use, and the entire process of hidden danger investigation, registration, rectification, supervision, and account cancellation can be managed to ensure that Keep hidden dangers, no blind spots, and stop the accident in its budding state.

  The relevant person in charge of the Wuhou District Market Supervision Bureau said that the Wuhou District Market Supervision Bureau will take about two years to give full play to the advantages of the three-in-one closed-loop supervision model of “supervision, inspection, and law enforcement” to “pull the pressure-bearing special equipment in the whole district”. Network-based, full coverage" quality and safety spot checks, firmly grasp the initiative of special equipment safety management, promote the continued stability and improvement of the safety production situation in the whole district, and create a good and safe environment for the high-quality economic and social development of Wuhou District.


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