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Xinshao launches "two sections" special equipment safety inspection

2020-09-29 10:48    page view:

Guide: Red Net Moment, September 28 (correspondent Xiao Zhenhua and Peng Juan) "To do a good job in guiding and diverting personnel, preventing and controlling risks, we must always tighten the string of safety.

Red net time September 28 news

  (Correspondent Xiao Zhenhua and Peng Juan) "To do a good job in the guidance and diversion of personnel and risk prevention and control, we must always tighten the string of safety." On September 27, the relevant person in charge of the Xinshao County Market Supervision Bureau inspected elevator safety in the county's BBK supermarket Shi said to the person in charge. In order to ensure the safe and healthy operation of special equipment in the county during the "Two Festivals" period, the Xinshao County Market Supervision Bureau has taken effective measures to carry out special equipment safety inspection activities in accordance with the unified deployment of the county party committee, county government and the city bureau.

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  The inspection focused on crowded places such as large hotels, supermarkets, residential communities, hospitals, and tourist attractions, and focused on special equipment such as passenger elevators, escalators, and tourist vehicles. In accordance with the requirements of “three implementations, two certifications, one inspection, one plan, and one drill” for special equipment, focus on inspecting the self-inspection, self-reporting and self-revision of hidden dangers by enterprises, and at the same time requiring enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production and safety administrators Post responsibility system, strengthen special equipment risk control and self-examination and self-correction of hidden dangers, and solidly promote special equipment risk control. During the operation, law enforcement officials reminded the person in charge of the special equipment user unit that during the holiday period, we must attach great importance to the safety of special equipment, and actively do pre-holiday safety inspections and on duty during the holiday; we must further implement the main responsibility of corporate safety, improve and strictly Implement various safety management systems and operating procedures to continuously improve the company's own safety management level.

  During the operation, the bureau inspected 8 shopping malls, hotels, communities, scenic spots, etc., inspected more than 50 elevators, 3 boilers, and found 4 potential safety hazards, and took measures to eliminate hidden hazards on the spot and rectify them within a time limit. , All of them have been rectified and reformed to effectively ensure the safe operation of special equipment during the festival.


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