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Ensuring safety and promoting development

2020-10-13 10:22    page view:

Guide: In order to protect the health of the people in the county and the safety of consumption during festivals, and to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, the Friendship County Market Supervision Administration set up 13 inspection teams during the festival

  In order to protect the health of the people in the county and the safety of consumption during festivals, and to prevent safety accidents, the Friendship County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau set up 13 inspection teams during the festival to carry out special inspection actions of "Safety and Development". Focus on the safety of food, medicine and special equipment within the jurisdiction, and conduct full coverage inspections.

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  During the inspection, on the one hand, the supermarkets, shopping malls, and bazaars where consumption is concentrated during the holiday season, and the most popular moon cakes, beverages, children's food, meat products and imported frozen seafood during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. Consumer varieties are checked. Further strengthen the food safety responsibility system, severely investigate and punish unlicensed and unlicensed business operations, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as the manufacture and sale of counterfeit products, expired sales, moldy food, and food false propaganda.

  On the other hand, the supervision and inspection of pharmaceutical business units has been increased. Focusing on cold medicines, gastrointestinal medicines, antipyretics, and prescription drugs, we will conduct key inspections on drug purchase channels, drug storage conditions, on-the-job status of licensed pharmacists, prescription drug sales management, and implementation of the registration and reporting system for personnel purchasing antipyretic drugs. Further standardize the operating behavior of retail pharmacies in the jurisdiction, and remind retail pharmacies to ensure drug quality and safety during the holiday season, maintain normal epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement various prevention and control measures, and actively guide during the inspection process People with fever should go to the fever clinic in time for medical treatment. In the special equipment safety inspection, a comprehensive inspection of the boiler and auxiliary equipment inspections of key heat source enterprises in the county was carried out. At the same time, the staff also went to public gathering places such as stations, supermarkets, hotels, etc., to investigate and eliminate the safety hazards of special equipment such as elevators, and ensure that special equipment is safe and accident-free.

  Up to now, 16 food business units, 12 special equipment (times), and 12 pharmaceutical business units have been inspected. An unlicensed operation was found and a case has been filed for investigation. A total of 45 batches of samples were sampled, and a total of 2 batches of pesticide residues in edible agricultural products were detected to exceed the standard. The test results will be publicized on the government website.


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