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Fight the battle against pollution! Tuyouqi insists on the same direction and strength!

2020-10-14 10:39    page view:

Guide: 2020 is the final year of the battle for pollution prevention and control. The Tuyou Banner Committee and the Banner Government attach great importance to it.

  2020 is the final year of the battle for pollution prevention and control. The Tuyou Banner Committee and the Banner Government attach great importance to them. The whole banner will work together to manage and overcome difficulties, focusing on optimizing industrial structure, industrial pollution control, "scattered pollution" and dust pollution control For key tasks such as detailed work measures, clarify the division of responsibilities, establish and improve the joint prevention and control work mechanism of government-led, departmental linkage, corporate governance, and public participation to effectively ensure the continuous improvement of the environmental air quality of the whole banner.

  One is to pay close attention to industrial air pollution control

  Implement ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units, complete the ultra-low emission transformation of Shansheng New Energy Power Plant's circulating fluidized bed boiler and Guodian Saraqi Power Plant Unit 2; further promote the comprehensive treatment of industrial furnaces and complete Baotou Sendu New Materials Co., Ltd. The company's furnace special emission limit modification. Up to now, Shansheng New Energy Power Plant's ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired units No. 1 furnace is installing equipment, No. 2 and 3 are piling, and an investment of 10 million yuan has been completed. Guodian Saraqi Power Plant Ultra-low Emission Modification Project #1 unit is in the acceptance stage, and 2# unit ultra-low emission modification is undergoing equipment installation. 60% of the equipment installation has been completed, and the total investment of 81.515 million yuan has been completed; Sendu new material calcination The renovation project for the special emission limit value of the workshop and roasting workshop has been completed.

  The second is to vigorously promote coal-burning and coal-fired boiler renovation

  Vigorously promote the clean treatment of bulk coal, resolutely investigate and punish illegal bulk coal distribution points and illegal use of coal-fired small boilers, and formulated the "Tumote Right Banner 2020 Coal-fired Boiler Renovation Work Implementation Plan", and plans to implement 41 Renovation of coal-fired boilers. Up to now, the renovation of 35 coal-fired boilers, tea-water boilers, operating stoves and industrial coal-fired boilers of 10 steam tons/hour and below have been completed.

  The third is to carry out comprehensive control actions for dust pollution

  Establish a grid-based supervision system for the renovation of "scattered and dirty" enterprises, resolutely clean up and ban "scattered and dirty" companies, implement industrial dust pollution, construction site dust pollution, bare mounds and road dust and other rectification actions to effectively reduce dust pollution. Up to now, 50 "scattered" industrial enterprises and 19 "polluted" enterprises have been found out, all of which have been rectified. The Qizhu Construction Bureau and the Urban Management Law Enforcement Brigade took the lead in carrying out the comprehensive rectification of dust pollution on construction sites, exposed mounds and road dust pollution, established a list of point sources of dust pollution, formulated rectification standards, and implemented dynamic number cancellation management.

  In the next step, Tuyou Banner will continue its efforts, continue to in-depth comprehensive control of dust pollution and industrial air pollution prevention and control, and make every effort to complete the air quality improvement task targets issued by Baotou City, and strive to achieve the improvement of the whole banner environmental air quality.


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