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Harbin, Heilongjiang Province vigorously launches special inspections of special equipment

2020-10-14 10:43    page view:

Guide: China Quality News Network News During the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival "Double Festival", the Harbin Market Supervision Administration of Heilongjiang Province received a notification of a fire accident in Taiqishan Scenic Area, Shanxi

  During the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival "Double Festival", the Harbin Market Supervision Administration of Heilongjiang Province received the report of the fire accident in Taiqishan Scenic Area, Shanxi Province, and immediately implemented the requirements of the State Council, the province and the municipality, and was led by the bureau chief. Leading the team and dispatching multiple inspection teams to carry out inspections of large amusement facilities in tourist attractions, passenger ropeways, sightseeing cars in tourist attractions, and the city's central heating boilers, industrial and civil gas cylinder filling stations.

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  Act now: Deploy guidance quickly

  In-depth analysis of the "two festivals" superimposed safety situation, after the completion of the existing holiday inspection work arrangements, in-depth deployment of large-scale amusement facilities in tourist attractions, passenger ropeways, tourist car operating units safety inspections, and deeply learn from the recent industrial gas charging in the city Lessons from the explosion accident of the oxygen cylinder of the installation unit, and increase the supervision and inspection of the elevators for holiday trips, the pressurized heating boilers of Sheung Shui, and the gas filling stations for industrial and civil use and vehicles. The bureaus of all jurisdictions acted quickly, organized the grassroots market offices (teams) to focus on emergency deployment, mobilized forces, and comprehensively organized inspections.

  In-depth investigation: Strengthen inspection linkage

  The inspection teams focused on "implementing the implementation of the national (provincial, municipal) safety production deployment during the festival, the safety of special equipment during the festival, and the rectification of major hidden dangers found in the self-inspection", taking the case as a lesson, strengthening linkage and in-depth supervision an examination. On October 1st and 2nd, in conjunction with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Provincial Market Supervision Bureau experts, a comprehensive technical inspection was conducted on the safety of Sunac Park, Sunacmao's large amusement facilities, and passenger ropeways. On the 3rd and 5th, with the supervision team of the provincial bureau, focusing on tourist attractions and gas cylinder filling stations, they inspected 71 elevators in Nangang Yuanda Shopping Center and Songbei Wanxianghui, and 65 large-scale amusement facilities and sightseeing vehicles in Sun Island Stupid Bear Park. Daoli Songhua River cableway and 1 Shangjiang Street gas station, Daowai Huaneng Heating Company boilers and pressure vessels 29 (sets). The district bureaus in each jurisdiction cooperate closely, combine the four major actions of the three-year special rectification of production safety and the general physical examination, law enforcement, training and exposure, highlighting key locations, key equipment, and supervision and spot checks on key locations. According to statistics, a total of 618 people were dispatched in the city to inspect 293 units, 26 hidden dangers were found, and follow-up rectification was implemented immediately.

  Focus on effectiveness: vigorously promote implementation

  When leading the supervision team to supervise, the head of the bureau carefully listened to the report on the local festival inspections in Shuangcheng District, and conducted on-site inspections on Shengrui Heating Company, which caused collective complaints by the masses in Shuangcheng District last year. "Look" and led a team to conduct spot checks on many key monitoring units of special equipment in the city. During the inspection, based on the lessons learned from the Shanxi fire accident, four requirements were put forward: First, we must firmly establish the concept of safety development, learn to use the hammer to ring the bell, learn from one another, and deeply grasp corporate safety; second, we must earnestly implement special inspections in key areas; It is necessary to fully implement rectification and correction of hidden dangers that are discovered, and for serious hidden dangers that cannot be rectified immediately, we must implement tracking and listing supervision; fourth, we must further improve the safety production management level of production and business units and effectively prevent various accidents.

  Keep an eye on the problem: implement follow-up rectification

  The districts and bureaus under the jurisdiction of the city adhere to the problem-oriented approach, keep a close eye on the problem rectification and reform, and adopt undisclosed investigations and unannounced visits to track the problem management. The Bureau of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China actively tackled the hidden danger that the filling station of the PetroChina Kazakhstan Petrochemical Branch had no fire inspection and acceptance procedures and did not obtain a filling permit to carry out filling work. It ordered the company to stop filling and rectify within a specified period of time. One special situation, after reporting to the local government, urgently make work adjustments, guide the company to implement filling inspections, strict filling operating procedures, actively contact the housing construction department to organize fire protection acceptance, report to the provincial bureau to coordinate experts to intervene in the review in advance, and strive for fire protection acceptance and review Synchronization is completed to eliminate hidden dangers early. Daoli, Nangang, Xiangfang and other district bureaus took the initiative to accept random inspections by the national (provincial) market supervision departments. The problems were rectified and the work was affirmed by the inspection team.


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