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15t Oil Gas Steam Boiler for Food Factory

2020-10-23 16:14    page view:

Guide: Boiler Model: SZS15-1.25-Y.Q. Rated Steam Evaporation: 15t/h Rated pressure: 1.25MPa Thermal efficiency: ≥ 98% Application: food factory 15ton oil gas fire


Boiler Model: SZS15-1.25-Y.Q. 

Rated Steam Evaporation: 15t/h 

Rated pressure: 1.25MPa 

Thermal efficiency: ≥ 98% 

Application: food factory 

15ton oil gas fired steam boiler is used for food factory, the pressure is 1.25MPa, to meet the temperature requirement of 150℃. This is SZS series water tube condensing boiler, the thermal efficiency is higher than 98%. 

SZS series Oil Gas boiler adopts double-drum “D” shaped arrangement, has compact structure and large combustion efficiency. The boiler is equipped with whole membrane water wall, has good sealing and reduce the use and maintenance workload of refractory bricks. The burner is international famous brand, operate automatically, has high combustion efficiency. Moreover, the boiler is equipped with economizer at the boiler tail, could effectively reduce the exhaust gas temperature, to improve thermal efficiency higher than 98%. 

Food factory could not work without industrial boilers, which could offer high temperature heat to various production process, such as distillation, drying, disinfect, etc. The heat resource should be clean and environmental protection in food factory, thus, oil gas boiler is the most popular boiler model in food factory. Compare with other fuel, gas fuel boiler has the advantages of low pollution, it use fuel channel, storage room is unnecessary, save land usage and low infrastructure cost.  

However, there are different kinds of food factory, such as sugar mill, rice mill, juice factory, etc. These factory could use the food/fruit waste as fuel to decrease fuel cost, for example, sugar mill often use bagasse fired boiler, rice mill usually use rice husk boiler, juice factory could use coconut shell or other nutshell fired boiler, etc. Expect oil gas boiler, Xinli Boiler could also offer other different kinds of industry boilers for food & beverage factory based on the actual requirement, to maximum customers’ profit.


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