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Congratulations! Xinli Boiler's 2022 Financial Year Annual Meeting Successfully Completed!

2023-08-17 17:17    page view:

Guide: Xinli Boiler has carefully planned and organized the 2022 fiscal year grand event and it has come to a successful conclusion! We witnessed a unique and exciting event together at the beginning of this week.


Xinli Boiler has carefully planned and organized the 2022 fiscal year grand event and it has come to a successful conclusion! We witnessed a unique and exciting event together at the beginning of this week.



Our company held an extraordinary event - a grand tour of Fuxi Mountain,Henan Province in this season full of vitality and challenges. This activity not only exercised our bodies, but also integrated the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the team. The mountain road is not flat with multiple steps winding up the mountain. However, everyone supports each other with mutual encouragement and support, and every step carries the power of a team. Just like the spirit of collaboration in work, I also deeply feel the cohesion of the team.




The party not only release work pressure but also deepens mutual communication and interaction of our colleagues. We created a unique barbecue party together. In addition, barbecue is a united activity where everyone can prepare ingredients together, share cooking techniques and taste each other's barbecue foods. This party also provided colleagues with a more relaxed and intimate communication opportunity,which  promotes team cohesion.




During the annual meeting, a round table with themed sub forums  covering various aspects of the company and industry was set up. Professional and technical personnel from various departments engage in in-depth discussions on popular topics, sharing experiences and perspectives. The attendees spoke enthusiastically and interacted frequently with lively atmosphere on site.




At the annual meeting, the production technology team, business team, and other departments gathered together. All the company leaders, boiler technology chief engineer, and other professionals gave speeches, which leaded the beginning of the ceremony.




At the end of the annual meeting, the company held a gratitude dinner to express sincere gratitude to all colleagues who supported and participated. It is precisely because of the strong support of various departments that the 2022 fiscal year event was successfully held. At the same time, we also look forward to the future with the goal of "co development at home and abroad, promoting both online and offline, seeking new situations with new ideas and goals, and breaking new ground with new goals" proposed by our leaders. We all believe that the company and the boiler industry will usher in even more brilliant development in the future.



On the occasion of the successful conclusion of this annual meeting, we have felt the power brought by unity, passion, and innovation together. May this passion continue in the future and create a better tomorrow for our company! Looking forward to meeting you again at the next annual financial year event!

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