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Wonderful Journey for Xinli Boiler at the Indonesia International Heating Technology Exhibition!

2023-10-09 16:53    page view:

Guide: Xinli Boiler participated in the 5-7th,October 2023 “Indonesia International Heating Technology Exhibition”.

This exhibition is the only heating technology professional and comprehensive trade exhibition in Indonesia, including Expo Boiler and Expo Biomass. Expo Biomass emphasized the importance of sustainable development in heating technology, introducing the selection of biomass boiler products that meet industrial and commercial needs. This is also the key content of the opening speech of the Indonesian Minister of Industry. With the continuous progress of technology and the increasing demand for renewable energy, biomass boilers play a more important role in the energy industry. Biomass resources are widely distributed, easily accessible, and can be continuously regenerated, making them a sustainable energy choice. Biomass boilers are key equipment that can convert these biomass materials into thermal or electrical energy. The application of biomass boilers not only helps to mitigate climate change, but also promotes economic growth and energy autonomy. This Indonesian Heat Technology Exhibition covers the entire heating technology chain, showcasing solutions for industrial and commercial purposes. The exhibition showcases the latest products and technologies, providing exhibitors with knowledge and skills opportunities, and helping them understand the legal updates in Indonesia's heating technology.


Xinli Boiler has been focusing on the research and application of biomass gasification and combustion technology in the field of new energy for many years. Through efficient, low nitrogen, and low sulfur combustion technology combined with waste heat recovery, it replaces traditional boiler combustion methods. Committed to providing customers with clean production, eco-friendly, and cost-effective boiler products, as well as biomass boiler combustion solutions for clean energy. The technical performance, energy-saving and environmental protection performance, stable and reliable operation, and maintenance of boiler products have all reached the leading level in China. This time, Xinli Boiler was invited to participate in the exhibition, which not only showcased the latest technology and features of Xinli Boiler products to exhibitors, but also achieved significant gains, enhanced communication and understanding with industry exhibitors, expanded business connections, and innovated ideas. For Xinli Boiler, this exhibition was a very valuable experience!


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