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The first in the world! Dubai Hasyan Project Unit 1 successfully achieved dual-fuel full-load power generation

2020-07-22 16:17    page view:

Guide: At 19:28 on July 19, local time in Dubai, the Dubai Hasyan 4×600MW clean coal-fired power station project undertaken by Harbin Electric International Co., Ltd. successfully achieved the coal-fired full-load power generation target with normal data parameters.

  At 19:28 on July 19, local time in Dubai, the Dubai Hasyan 4×600MW clean coal-fired power station project undertaken by Harbin Electric International Co., Ltd. successfully achieved the coal-fired full-load power generation target. The data and parameters of the unit are normal and the equipment is operating. Stability and excellent operation quality indicate that Chinese enterprises have fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength and professional standards of the "super hard core" in the construction of the "Belt and Road" project, and contributed to the high-quality promotion of the construction of the "Belt and Road" in Kazakhstan.

  According to reports, as a major engineering project under the "One Belt, One Road" initiative and the first clean coal-fired power station in the Middle East, Unit 1 of the Hasyan project achieved full-load power generation with natural gas on June 30. The project team pursued the victory. The successful realization of the coal-fired full-load power generation target indicates that the Hasyan project, as the world's first dual-fuel unit, has the ability to simultaneously burn natural gas and coal to reach full load. So far, the Hasyan project has become the world's first power station project to achieve dual-fuel full-load power supply, and has written a strong mark in the history of my country's overseas power project construction.

  The Hasyan project is equipped with four 600MW (net output) ultra-supercritical units, which can burn coal and natural gas to achieve 100% output, fully meet the supply of different fuels, and improve the power plant's ability to adapt to fuels. Its ultra-supercritical power generation technology will provide power plants with the best power generation efficiency and output of similar units. After the project is put into operation, it will not only provide 20% of the electric energy for Dubai, but also greatly reduce the electricity cost of local residents.

  The Hasyan project has recently achieved major nodes one after another. It is an important achievement for HEI to overcome the impact of the epidemic, maintain its determination, go all out, and promote the construction of the “Belt and Road” with high quality since the “epidemic” of the overseas war. It is the best proof that Harbin Electric International has firm confidence and precise policies to resolutely win the "double victory" of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. Especially at present, in the face of the arduous construction environment with ultra-high temperature and sand and dust on site, the Hasyan project team has always kept in mind its mission and responsibilities while building a strong anti-epidemic fortress, and made every effort to promote the progress of the Hasyan project. In the past four months, the No. 1 unit of the project has successively achieved high-quality major node goals such as the first ignition of the unit, completion of the blowpipe, one-time grid connection, and dual-fuel full-load power generation. At the same time, the project team efficiently arranged the existing construction resources, made scientific overall planning and reasonable planning, and steadily pushed forward the construction progress of the remaining three units, and completed multiple major milestone nodes one after another.

  It is reported that HEI has been actively overcoming the impact of the epidemic this year. The construction of the “Belt and Road” project has frequently reported good news and bright spots. It has not only the hard and difficult construction and construction, but also the joy and excitement of repeatedly welcoming nodes. In the next step, HEI will make every effort to build a benchmark project for the “Belt and Road” initiative to win glory for the country.


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