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Xilin Gol League: Do a good job in pollution prevention and control, guard a blue sky

2020-08-17 09:56    page view:

Guide: The Xilin Gol grassland in summer is green, and the fresh air is filled with the fragrance of grass and wild flowers, which makes people feel refreshed.

[Promoting the spirit of Mongolian horses, cultivating new opportunities, opening new games and writing new chapters]

  The Xilin Gol grassland in summer is green, and the fresh air is filled with the fragrance of grass and wild flowers, which makes people feel refreshed.

  In July of this year, good news came from the Xilin Gol League: According to the Autonomous Region’s Department of Ecology and Environment from January to May 2020, the region’s air quality status and the completion of atmospheric environmental binding indicators, the Xilin Gol League’s "13th Five-Year Plan" atmospheric binding assessment indicators The comprehensive ranking ranks first in the region. As of June 30, the good air quality rate of Xilinhot City in the first half of the year was 98.4%, a year-on-year increase of 3.9%. All of this is inseparable from the high attention and a series of effective measures taken by party committees, governments, enterprises, and all walks of life of the Xilinguole League on atmospheric environmental protection.

  Gao Wa, Chief of the Atmospheric Environment Section of the Ecological and Environmental Bureau of the Xilinguole League, introduced that as early as 2018, the Xilin Gol League Committee and Administrative Office issued the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environment Protection and Resolutely Fighting Pollution Prevention and Control" and "Xilinguole League Wins the Blue Sky" The Implementation Plan of the Three-Year Action Plan for the Defense War", arranges and deploys the comprehensive treatment of air pollution and the consolidation and improvement of environmental quality in the All League.

  Based on the adjustment and optimization of the four major structures of industry, energy, transportation, and land use, Xilin Gol League focuses on the comprehensive management of six special projects for "scattered and polluted" enterprises, industrial furnaces, VOCs enterprises, bulk coal, unorganized emissions from key industries, and diesel trucks . Each banner, county, city (district) strictly implements the air pollution prevention and control task list requirements, and jointly promotes the comprehensive improvement of the atmospheric environment, strengthens joint prevention and control and joint governance, comprehensively controls the PM2.5 concentration, and actively improves the quality of the atmospheric environment in order to build a "beautiful Xilin Gol" , Winning the blue sky defense war provided strong support and guarantee.

  Xilinguole League, as an important national energy base, undertakes not only the mission of delivering clean energy to the country, but also the mission of environmental pollution prevention and control. Entering Jingneng (Xilinguole) Power Generation Co., Ltd., there is no coal piled in the clean and tidy plant area, and the tall chimney of the power generation workshop emits a stream of purified white smoke.

  The company’s chief engineer Li Ruidong said: “Our company is a high-efficiency clean power generation company. Through technological innovation, the use of advanced lignite flue gas water extraction technology not only solves the problem of water shortage in power generation, but also plays a role in desulfurization, denitrification, and dust removal. It has reached the ultra-clean emission standard."

  "At the beginning, the surrounding herders were worried that the production of the power plant would pollute the grassland. We invited the herdsmen in, let them visit the factory area and the water lifting process, and understand the advanced technology of the enterprise. Our coal is directly transported from the coal storage bunker with a belt. In the production workshop, the bare land was completely greened, and a sweeper was also spent 400,000 yuan to clean the factory area." Li Ruidong said.

  The comprehensive improvement of the mine environment is an effective means to protect the atmospheric environment. Shenhua North Electric Shengli Energy Co., Ltd. spent 325 million yuan in the land reclamation and greening of the dump site to divert the drained water to the dump site, and explored "one row, two cover, three sand barriers, four, five irrigation, Six conservation experience in greening and reclamation. The enterprise realized 12.46 million square meters of greening and reclamation in the mining area.

  In the Sunshine Community of Baochang Town, Taipu Temple Banner, 87-year-old Lady Zhang Shulan was chatting with some elderly people at the gate of the community. Aunt Zhang used to live in several bungalows on the west hillside of Baochang Town, and moved to Sunshine Community in April last year. "When I lived in a bungalow, I had to buy coal for the stove in the winter, and the smell of smoke at home was too bad. Now that the central heating system is so hot, the valve must be turned off, and there is no need to smell bituminous coal anymore." Zhang Auntie said happily.

  Pollution from small coal-fired boilers in cities and towns is also an important factor causing air pollution. In Xilin Gol League Taipu Temple Qi Zhongsu Heating Co., Ltd., the person in charge Li Rong pointed to two large pipes with a diameter of 1 meter in the ground and said: “This is the heat supply pipe from the power plant to our company. Our company has implemented power plant heating since last year. The previous five boilers and coal sheds were all shut down, and the original heating unit was turned into a heat exchange station, which is beneficial to the improvement of the overall environment of the city."

  Ge Zhenyan, deputy director of the Taipusi Banner Branch of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Xilin Gol League, said: “In order to substantially reduce the scattered burning of coal, Taipusi Banner continues to increase the transformation of shanty towns in Baochang Town, and comprehensively centralize heating for the areas covered by the heating pipe network. This year, Taipusi Banner Baochang Town is also speeding up the construction of heat source heating pipe network and the transformation of old heating pipe network. The small coal-fired boilers have been replaced by clean energy sources such as central heating grid connection, coal-to-electricity, coal-to-gas, and biomass fuels. At the end of the month, 15 small coal-fired boilers of 10 steam tons/hour and below have been eliminated."

  Xilinguole League insists on giving priority to ecology and green development, and strictly implements the national and autonomous region’s deployment requirements for pollution prevention and control, with remarkable results. In the next step, we will continue to live up to our mission, move forward steadily, and resolutely win the battle to defend the blue sky. (Ma Shaolin, Reporter from Inner Mongolia Daily, Su Yongsheng, Bayis Guleng, Huo Xiaoqing, Li Zhuo, and Meng He Chaolu)


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