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How much is a natural gas boiler?

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Guide: Natural gas boiler is a kind of gas boiler, which is a boiler product that burns natural gas as fuel.

  Natural gas boiler is a kind of gas boiler, which is a boiler product that burns natural gas as fuel. It is the most used fuel after coal-fired boilers and the current mainstream fuel, occupying an important position of boiler fuel.

  Natural gas boiler classification:

  Natural gas boilers can be subdivided according to different categories. For example, they can be divided into vertical natural gas boilers and horizontal natural gas boilers according to their size; according to their use, they can be divided into natural gas steam boilers, natural gas hot water boilers and natural gas heat conduction oil furnaces; they can be divided according to pressure It is a natural gas pressure boiler and a natural gas atmospheric boiler; according to the rated thermal power (rated evaporation), it can be divided into small natural gas boilers, medium natural gas boilers and large natural gas boilers; according to the drum structure, it can be divided into natural gas single drum boilers and natural gas double boilers. Boiler boilers can be divided into ordinary natural gas boilers, low nitrogen natural gas boilers and ultra-low nitrogen natural gas boilers according to the nitrogen oxide content.

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  Natural gas boiler composition:

  The natural gas boiler is mainly composed of two parts, one is the main boiler and the other is the auxiliary boiler. The main body of the boiler is the main body of the boiler, which is the main body of the boiler, and the auxiliary machine contains many equipments, such as computer control cabinet, sub-cylinder (water distribution cylinder), natural gas burner, valve instrument, water treatment, softening water tank, feed water pump, chimney , Energy saver, etc.

  Natural gas boiler price:

  The question of how much is a natural gas boiler is relatively general. We can’t tell the exact price. This is due to the natural gas boiler’s model, purpose, rated evaporation (rated thermal power), manufacturer, raw material cost, quality, etc. Factors determine. If our users want to know the specific price, they need to be specific to the product, such as the price of 1 ton vertical natural gas steam boiler, 1 ton horizontal natural gas hot water boiler, 1 ton low nitrogen natural gas steam boiler, etc., only which one is specific We will be able to specify the price only after the new product, so users should contact the manufacturer for the price when consulting the price of natural gas boiler.


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