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Management System of Gas Steam Boiler

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Guide: 1. Strictly implement the boiler safety operating procedures and various rules and regulations, carefully operate and fill in the operating records correctly.

  1. post responsibility system

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  1. Strictly implement the boiler safety operating procedures and various rules and regulations, carefully operate and fill in the operating records correctly.

  2. Strictly abide by labor discipline, stick to the post (do not leave work, do not shift, do not doze), do not drink alcohol within four hours before going to work and on duty, and do not do anything unrelated to production.

  3. Seriously implement the water quality management system, conduct regular water quality analysis, and ensure that the boiler water supply and boiler water meet the requirements of national standards.

  4. According to the equipment maintenance plan and the situation of the boiler equipment, do a good job in the maintenance of boiler equipment to ensure its safe and economic operation.

  5. Reduce the consumption of water, electricity, gas, water softeners and other raw materials.

  6. ​​When the boiler gas pipeline valve is found to have abnormal phenomena in various alarm facilities that endanger safety, emergency measures should be taken and the person in charge should be reported in time.

  7. Seriously implement the safety and quality standardization standards, keep the boiler equipment, boiler room, and bathtub clean inside and outside, and achieve civilized production.

  8. Work hard to learn business knowledge and continuously improve the level of operation.

  Second shift system

  1. The successor should be on duty 20 minutes early and wear labor protection equipment.

  2. The successor should ask the person in charge to check the operation and operation of the equipment.

  3. When handing over various operation records, the shift person must fill in the handover record seriously, accurately and truthfully according to the required items, and the record book should be kept clean, tidy and flawless.

  4. After the shift is handed over as required, the signing procedures must be performed. If the successor finds violations and malfunctions,

  In case of non-compliance with the regulations, they have the right to refuse to sign, take over, and immediately report to the supervisor in charge. After the problem is solved, the handover will be carried out.

  Three maintenance system

  1. Boiler personnel should clarify the content of equipment maintenance work, acceptance criteria, and carefully fill in boiler operation records.

  2. Visually inspect the pressure gauge, thermometer and water level gauge at any time.

  3. Check whether the pump is running abnormally every day, and solve the problem in time.

  4. Check the function of the water level regulator every day to see if it can automatically fill the water and stop the pump.

  5. Perform functional inspections on rotation, sliding and cam parts every day.

  6. ​​Flush the water level gauge at least once in each shift, and the steam boiler shall discharge sewage at least once per shift. The method of sewage discharge must be correct; discharge water once a day.

  7. Conduct the ultra-low water-level shutdown test once a week, which can be used to simulate water shortage and blowdown to check the function of ultra-low water-level shutdown.

  8. Check the burner control system and power supply once a week.

  9. Check the valve packing every week. If there is air leakage, replace the filling to eliminate running, emitting, dripping and leakage.

  10. The boiler water supply system, check valve, balance valve should be cleaned every month, and the drainage device should be cleaned every two months.

  11. Clean and clean the filter on the gas pipeline every month (the gas company is responsible).

  12. The safety valve is manually operated once a month. The manual safety valve is gently lifted by the handle. After the manual discharge is successful, it will automatically discharge. The safety valve is checked at least once a year.

  13. The pressure gauge is checked every six months.

  14. The boiler should be fully maintained once a year.

  Four operating rules

  All boiler operators must be familiar with the performance of the boiler and various safety knowledge, and be certified. Non-personnel is strictly prohibited to operate.

  1. Inspection and preparation work before boiler operation

  (1) Check whether the gas pressure is normal, whether the pressure regulating valve is working normally; whether the pipeline valve is leaking; whether the valve switch is in place, and whether there is sewage in the gas pipeline.

  (2) Test whether the gas alarm system works normally and reliably.

  (3) Check whether the water softening equipment is operating normally and whether the water quality is qualified.

  (4) Check whether the safety accessories pressure gauge, safety valve, and water level gauge work normally.

  (5) Check whether the water pump is working normally, and whether the water supply valve and circulating water valve are open.

  (6) Check whether the power supply on the control cabinet is normal and whether the various control options are correct.

  2. Start and stop the furnace

  ⑴ Turn on the control power switch, set the control options and equipment selection.

  ⑵ Press the start switch to start the burner and monitor the normal ignition operation of the boiler. Check the flame color and adjust the grace switch. Check whether the components are operating normally.

  (3) Check whether the water level displayed by the water level gauge is normal, and whether the liquid level of the left and right water level gauges are consistent to avoid false water levels.

  ⑷After the boiler is boosted, check whether the pressure of the pressure gauge on the furnace body is consistent with that on the sub-cylinder.

  ⑸ When the air pressure rises to 0.1~0.2MPA, flush the water trap of the pressure gauge; clean the level gauge, make up water and drain the sewage.

  ⑹ Check the boiler inlets, flanges and valves, and tighten the leaks. If there is leakage after tightening, the boiler should be shut down for maintenance.

  ⑺ Check whether the water delivery device is normally drained.

  ⑻ When the air pressure rises to 2/3 of the operating pressure, the heating pipe starts to send air, and the main steam valve is slowly opened to avoid water hammer.

  (9) Normal shutdown

  ① Turn off the boiler operation switch, turn off the burner switch, and close the gas valve.

  ②Close the main air supply valve and let the boiler slowly depressurize. Manually increase the boiler water level to the high water level;

  ③Check if the blowdown valve is closed to prevent the boiler from losing water.

  ④Close the water supply valve to prevent steam returning and damage the water pump.

  ⑤Turn off the main power switch.

  (10) Emergency shutdown

  When the boiler body is found to be abnormal, the safety control device is malfunctioning, etc., the boiler must be stopped urgently. When there is a sudden power failure, the main air supply valve should be closed urgently to prevent the boiler from losing water. In the event of an emergency shutdown, the supervisor in charge shall be notified in time.


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