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What are the methods of softening water?

date:2020-05-06 15:08:44

n the process of using the boiler, hard water is not available. The purpose of the boiler water treatment is to remove harmful impurities in the water and avoid scaling in the furnace body during the operation of the boiler. The fouling generated during the operation of the boiler will not only make the thermal conductivity poor, but also cause strong corrosion to the metal. Therefore, fouling has a great impact on the operation of the boiler, and good water treatment is a guarantee for the safe operation of the boiler. So how should the boiler water be softened?

1. Ion Exchange Method

Generally, cation exchange resins are used. For example, sodium ions can replace calcium and magnesium ions in water to achieve the purpose of softening. The advantages of this method are: stable water production, mature and advanced process technology, and significant softening effect, because the solubility of sodium salt is high, so the formation of scale with the increase of temperature is avoided.

2. Membrane separation method

The reverse osmosis membrane is used to completely reduce the hardness of the water through the trapping effect of the membrane. Its advantages are: the softening effect is obvious, and the applicable range of the treated water is relatively wide.

3. Lime method

Adding a certain amount of lime to the water can treat high-hardness water with a large flow rate, but the softening effect has certain limitations, and only a preliminary softening treatment can be made.

4. Dosing method

Scale inhibitors can be added to the water to prevent the formation of scale and allow it to settle and then be removed.

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