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Detailed explanation of the safe operation process of the burner of the gas boiler in use

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Guide: There are many types of fuel for boilers, including common coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, etc.

  There are many types of boiler fuels, including common coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, electric boilers and many other boilers. However, with environmental protection and economic conditions, most of the gas boilers are now used in the market. When it comes to gas boilers, it is necessary to improve the burners of gas boilers. Boiler House has collected some knowledge about the safe operation process of gas boiler burners and shared and discussed with you.

  1. The inspection before commissioning of the gas boiler burner includes three aspects:

  1. Check whether the gas is in place, whether the gas pipeline is clean and unobstructed, and whether the valve is open.

  2. Whether there is pipeline leakage and whether the pipeline installation is reasonable.

  3. Bleed air from the pipeline before the gas valve to ensure that there is no mixed air in the pipeline, and the exhaust pipe should be connected to the outdoors.

  2. Internal inspection of gas boiler burner burner:

  1. Whether the combustion head of the burner is installed and adjusted properly.

  2. Whether the direction of motor rotation is correct.

  3. Whether the external circuit connection meets the requirements.

  4. Perform a cold simulation of the burner according to the line conditions, and observe whether the various parts of the equipment are normal and whether the flame detection protection part is normal.

  Three. Debugging of gas boiler burners:

  1. Check whether the external gas is in place, the pipeline is unobstructed, and the external power supply control is in place.

  2. Adjust the load of the burner to a small load, and adjust the ignition position to a small load accordingly. Turn off the large load to ignite and observe the flame situation. Adjust the servo motor or the opening of the air door according to the flame situation to achieve a proper combustion state.

  3. Gradually increase the load, and adjust the opening of the servo motor or the air door point by point according to the flame situation to achieve a suitable combustion state.

  Four. Matters needing attention in gas engine debugging and maintenance:

  1. When the gas burner fails to re-ignite continuously, it should be shut down to check whether the gas supply system of the burner is normal and whether the circuit connection is correct. The burner can be restarted after the failure is resolved.

  2. It is strictly forbidden to knock and rub the gas supply pipeline with a wrench or a metal rod to avoid static electricity or sparks, which may cause a gas explosion.

  3. Smoking, welding, cutting and other illegal operations are strictly prohibited in the air supply valve group or the flange surface of the pipeline.

  4. It is strictly forbidden to conduct any open flame test near the pipeline, valve block and pressure regulating valve to avoid major accidents.

  5. Test whether there is fuel in the gas supply pipeline, usually with a gas low pressure meter.

  6. ​​In the gas supply pipeline, it has been evacuated, but there are residual gas or liquid droplets on the pipe wall. If it encounters static sparks and open flames, it will also cause combustion and explosion.

  7. When the gas supply pipeline has been ventilated and the valve block is faulty, it needs to be disassembled. First, the front main valve of the valve block must be cut off, and then the gas in the pipeline from the main valve to the valve block can be vented. service.

  8. In commissioning work, gas must be serious, safe and efficient.

  9. It is prohibited to use non-explosion-proof electric power tools on site.

  106,000 kcal and above burners are recommended to use leak detection devices.


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