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Interpretation of the overall structure and main functions of biomass boilers

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Guide: For the types of boilers, we have to talk about biomass boilers. Why do we talk about biomass boilers?

Interpretation of the overall structure and main functions of the biomass boiler:

  For the types of boilers, we have to talk about biomass boilers. Why do we talk about biomass boilers? This is because biomass boilers can be said to be a substitute for coal-fired boilers, which not only have lower operating costs but also comply with environmental policies. Standard, so it is deeply loved by enterprises and users.

  The overall structure of the biomass boiler includes two parts: the boiler body (drum), auxiliary equipment and safety dosing devices. The main components of the boiler, such as the hearth, drum, burner, water wall, superheater, economizer, air preheater, frame and furnace wall, constitute the core part of steam production, which is called the boiler body. The two most important parts in the boiler body are the furnace and the drum. The furnace is also called the combustion chamber, which is the space for fuel combustion. The furnace where solid fuel is placed on the grate and burned in a fire bed is called a stratified furnace, also known as a fire bed furnace; the furnace where liquid, gas or solid fuel ground into powder is sprayed into the fire chamber for combustion is called the chamber Burning furnace, also known as fire chamber furnace; the air lifts the coal particles to make them burn in a boiling state, and is suitable for burning inferior fuels. The furnace is called fluidized bed furnace, also known as fluidized bed furnace; using air flow to make coal particles rotate at high speed, Cylindrical furnace with intense fire is called cyclone furnace.

Main functions of biomass boiler drum:

  The main function of the drum is to store water, separate the steam and water, remove the salt water and sludge in the boiler water during operation, and the axial flow fan centrifugal fan of the fresh air ventilator of the water tank prevents the boiler water containing high concentration of salt and impurities from entering the superheater with the steam And the steam turbine.

  Boiler drum internal device

  includes steam-water separation and steam cleaning devices, water distribution pipes, sewage and chemical dosing equipment, etc. The function of the steam-water separator is to separate the saturated steam and moisture from the water wall, and to minimize the small water droplets carried in the steam. Baffles and gap baffles are commonly used as coarse separation elements for medium and low pressure boilers; in addition to the extensive use of various types of cyclone separators for coarse separation in boilers above medium pressure, they also use shutters, steel wire mesh or steam equalizing plates for further separation. . The drum is also equipped with water level gauges, safety valves and other monitoring and protection facilities.


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