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Which companies use industrial coal-fired boilers? What are the energy saving measures?

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Guide: Coal-fired boilers play a large role in industrial production, especially before gas-fired boilers have a high market share, so which companies use industrial coal-fired boilers? How to save energy in coal-fired boilers? Let’s learn about it with Xinli Boiler.

  Coal-fired boiler It plays a big role in industrial production, especially when gas boilers have not been popularized before the market has a high market share. So which companies use industrial coal-fired boilers? How can coal-fired boilers achieve energy saving? Let’s learn about it with Xinli boilers.

  Coal-fired boiler application enterprise

   Coal-fired boilers have been used in various industries in the past. They can be used for both industrial and civil purposes. They are mainly steam and hot water. Steam is mostly used for production, and hot water is mostly used for heating and domestic water.

   With the intensification of environmental pollution and high levels of pollutants in coal, coal-fired boilers are gradually being replaced by gas, biomass, and electric heating boilers.

  Energy-saving measures for coal-fired boilers

   1. Fully combustion, the coal should be fully combustible during the combustion process, and air should be supplied reasonably.

   2. Exhaust flue gas temperature, lower the flue gas temperature of coal-fired boilers, and reduce the heat loss of boiler flue gas.

   3. Automation improvement, improve the automatic control of coal-fired boilers, and ensure efficient and safe operation of boilers.

  4. Boiler blowdown, do a good job of boiler blowdown and cleaning, to prevent boiler slag from coking, structure and ash formation.

   5. The coal type should be selected according to the requirements of the boiler.

   The above is an introduction for you about which enterprises use industrial coal-fired boilers. At the same time, it also tells about the energy-saving measures in the application of industrial coal-fired boilers for the reference and browsing of boiler customers. Welcome to consult Xinli Boiler, contact number 0371-55261818.


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