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What are the advantages of energy-saving technology for gas boilers?

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Guide: The energy-saving characteristics of gas-fired boilers are obvious to all in the industry, and at the same time, environmental protection and pollutant emissions are also low. So what are the advantages of gas-fired boilers in energy-saving technology? Let’s learn about it with Xinli Boiler.

Gas boiler The energy-saving characteristics are obvious to all in the industry. At the same time, environmental protection and pollutant emissions are also low. So what are the advantages of gas-fired boilers in energy-saving technology? Let’s take a look with Xinli boilers.

Energy saving advantages of gas boiler

  The energy saving of gas boiler is realized by multiple components, and a single component is not enough to make the boiler achieve high efficiency and energy saving, as follows:

  1. Burners and gas boilers adopt special combustion equipment, which realizes automatic adjustment according to boiler setting requirements and operating conditions. This is more convenient than traditional hand-fired or solid fuel boilers and realizes full and efficient use of fuel.

  2. Boiler furnace, gas boiler adopts large corrugated furnace, which has large furnace space and sufficient fuel combustion to avoid low combustion efficiency and small space causing more pollutant emissions.

  3. Threaded smoke tube, equipped with threaded smoke tube increases the heating area and improves heat transfer efficiency.

  4. Three-pass structure, gas-fired boiler adopts three-pass structure, and high-temperature flue gas stays longer in the boiler.

  5. Energy-saving facilities. A high-efficiency economizer (economizer) device is installed at the end of the boiler to fully absorb the waste heat of the flue gas to heat the boiler water, increase the boiler water temperature and reduce fuel consumption.

  6. ​​Heat preservation water tank, equipped with special stainless steel heat preservation water tank for boiler, boiler ignites and heats up quickly, high efficiency.

  7. Water softening equipment, gas boilers are equipped with soft water treatment devices, which can reduce the risk of boiler fouling, improve heat transfer efficiency, and also have a good energy-saving effect.

Gas boiler maintenance

  At present, the efficiency and intelligence of gas boilers are relatively high, but if you want to ensure that the boiler runs efficiently for a long time without major failures, daily maintenance work should be done, from the boiler body, combustion equipment, various valves and instruments , Energy-saving devices, chimney flue, etc., the worn or corroded parts should be replaced or maintained in time.

   Monitor whether the various parameters of the boiler reach the factory-specified values when the boiler is running at full load, such as gas consumption, evaporation, nitrogen oxide emissions, thermal efficiency, and exhaust gas temperature.

   The above is a compilation of the advantages of energy-saving technology for gas boilers for you, for reference and browsing by customers of boiler companies.


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