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Can gas boilers use biogas for combustion?

date:2021-02-09 09:52:23

  Gas-fired boilers have a large proportion in actual production and application. They not only have low energy consumption but also have very few pollutant emissions. They meet the requirements of current policies and are the type that many processing and manufacturing enterprises will choose. Can gas-fired boilers use biogas for combustion?

Gas boiler Can it burn biogas

  Gas boilers can be used with biogas as fuel, but it should be noted that you need to consult the manufacturer to configure the corresponding model of burners. The main component of biogas is methane, which is used more in some farms in my country, and is produced by fermentation of livestock manure. Biogas is used to achieve ecological development, the energy utilization rate is high, and the overall operating cost of the farm is controlled and reduced.

How to choose a biogas boiler

  1. Gas production. The gas production of the biogas digester determines the size of the boiler. If there is sufficient biogas supply, there is no need to consider this aspect.

  2. Heat demand. The heat demand of production boilers per unit time determines the size of the boiler, so as to build biogas fermentation scale facilities based on fuel consumption.

Maintenance of biogas boiler

  (1) The maintenance of biogas boilers is quite different from that of ordinary gas boilers. It is particularly important for the safety of fuel gas applications. The pressure-bearing operation of boilers requires regular and comprehensive inspections of various facility components.

   (2) Boiler sewage treatment should be carried out every shift to reduce the scale and other substances in the boiler, reduce the occurrence of boiler failure, and enhance the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler.

  (3) Pull the handle of the safety valve manually to check whether it is normal.

  (4) Periodically test the boiler water quality to ensure that the water quality meets the boiler water requirements.

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