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What is the method for estimating the low calorific value of the boiler?

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Guide: With the adjustment of industrial structure in large and medium-sized cities, the transformation of old districts and the construction of industrial areas, the implementation of the coal ban policy in the central city and the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies such as regional central heating and cogeneration

  With the adjustment of industrial structure in large and medium-sized cities, the transformation of old districts, the construction of industrial zones, the implementation of the coal ban policy in central urban areas, and the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies such as regional central heating and cogeneration, the proportion of small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers Will decline significantly, and is now moving towards the direction of large capacity, high parameters, high energy efficiency, and low emissions; coal-fired boilers will be dominated by layer-fired furnaces, that is, chain grate boilers will be mainly used, and the direction will be large capacity and high parameters. Development cannot be replaced by any other coal-fired boiler; boilers with clean combustion technology such as large-capacity circulating fluidized bed boilers (35t/h) have advantages in burning low-quality coal, energy saving, and environmental protection, and will get faster The development of oil and gas boilers will be developed to condensing low-nitrogen boilers, the boiler low calorific value estimation method.

  Boiler low calorific value estimation method, thermal oil boiler is a boiler that uses thermal oil as the heat medium for heat transfer. Utilizing the high temperature characteristics of heat transfer oil, the heat transfer oil boiler can realize low pressure and high temperature heating. The auxiliary exhaust valve on the heat-conducting oil furnace must be closed immediately after the oil is boiled. Otherwise, the heat-conducting oil in the boiler will be rapidly oxidized in a high-temperature environment, and then deteriorate, which will affect the normal use of the oil . Moreover, its main function is to exhaust air during cooking. At the same time, Sony's service outlets are all over the world, and domestic service personnel will arrive at the customer site within 2 hours. With the whole process, whole-hearted, all-weather, and all-round service standards, we will solve your problems. At the same time, whether it is telephone or online consultation, Xinli Boiler will promptly give professional Q&A guidance, so that you are safe and worry-free.

  The active cooperation and vigorous advancement of intelligent manufacturing has allowed Xinli Boiler to take the lead in the revolution of intelligent manufacturing and the Internet of Things, and once again become the industry leader. The Xinli boiler intelligent manufacturing workshop has advanced production technology and equipment in the industrial boiler industry. The main equipment includes: high-speed CNC plane drill, CNC drum drill, robot welding equipment, 3D laser cutting machine, 4-axis CNC pipe bender, Φ168 CNC stereo 600 sets of bending equipment, etc. The main components of boiler products have been specialized and large-scale production, and most of the products can meet the needs of customers for short-time delivery.

  Boiler low calorific value estimation method, centrifugal pump is mainly composed of rotor, pump casing, leak-proof device, exhaust device, axial thrust balance device, bearing and frame (or base plate), etc. The rotor includes impeller and shaft , Shaft sleeves, couplings, keys and other components. The working principle of the centrifugal pump is: when the pump impeller rotates, the liquid in the pump is also driven by the blades to rotate at a high speed. Due to the action of inertia and centrifugal force, the liquid moves at high speed between the blades to the outer edge of the impeller, and the pressure and energy increase. Under this pressure, the liquid is discharged from the pump outlet pipe. At the same time, the pressure of the liquid in the center of the impeller is reduced to form a vacuum, and the liquid is sucked into the center of the impeller through the suction pipe under the action of the external atmospheric pressure. In this way, the centrifugal pump continuously sucks and pushes the liquid out.

  SZL series steam boiler is a vertical double-drum chain boiler drain tube boiler designed by Sony Boiler learning advanced domestic and foreign technology and combining its own experience. The 6-35 tons SZL series boiler is composed of upper and lower parts, the lower base is the combustion equipment, and the upper part is the heating surface of the body. In order to ensure accurate air distribution, the base design of the Xinli boiler uses multiple independent air bins, which do not cross each other, and meet the air distribution requirements of different combustion stages through the air adjustment door. At the same time, the boiler furnace is composed of water-cooled wall tubes, front and rear arches and hearths. Several return convection tube bundles are arranged at the rear of the body to adequately absorb the heat released by combustion. The SZL series chain grate steam boiler system customized by Xinli Boiler has excellent performance, and its thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than similar boiler systems on the market.

  In the context of global economic integration, Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. established a new production base in Thailand in January 2019. As an important energy equipment of the production line, whether the boiler can operate efficiently and stably will directly affect the production efficiency of the enterprise and the performance of tire products. After multiple comparisons and screenings, General Motors chose to cooperate with Xinli Boiler with key core technology, excellent product quality and perfect service. According to the actual working conditions of the Thai production base, Xinli Boiler recommended the SZL series biomass steam boiler for it. This new type of biomass boiler has the advantages of compact structure, safety and efficiency, and sufficient output. It is the leading product in the boiler industry. According to the characteristics of the fuel, Xinli technicians rationally design and optimize the width and length of the feed hopper, grate, etc.; the large furnace volume reduces the heat load and reduces the occurrence of coking in the furnace.


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