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What is a chain furnace? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Guide: What is a chain furnace? Industrial boilers are important human power equipment. my country's boiler manufacturing industry was established and developed after the founding of the People's Republic of China. So far, my country has become a country that produces and uses more boilers in the world today.

  What is a chain furnace? Industrial boilers are important human power equipment. my country's boiler manufacturing industry was established and developed after the founding of New China. my country has become a country with more boiler production and use in the world today. However, in recent years, due to large emissions and serious pollution, industrial boilers that do not meet the standards have become the focus of governance. Reducing coal consumption is a general trend, and the end-use energy, including the industrial sector, is showing an electrification trend. Where should my country's industrial boilers go in the future?

   The main hazard of the low superheated steam pressure of the circulating fluidized bed boiler is: the superheated steam pressure of the boiler is too low, the enthalpy drop of the steam decreases, and the thermal efficiency of the entire unit also decreases. If the unit keeps the load constant, the steam flow of the boiler will definitely increase, which will cause the axial displacement of the steam turbine to increase, and it is easy to produce friction between the static and dynamic parts. If the boiler superheated steam pressure is too low, it will cause a part of the steam turbine's extraction pressure to drop. It is necessary to switch to the auxiliary steam system for factory use. Misoperation is prone to cause accidents to expand. Technological innovation is the first source of power for the development of an enterprise. With its keen market insight and infinite enthusiasm for boilers, Zhongzheng Boiler continues to add new impetus to the development of the boiler industry.

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  The centrifugal pump is mainly composed of a rotor, a pump casing, a leak-proof device, an exhaust device, an axial thrust balance device, a bearing and a frame (or base plate), etc. The rotor also includes an impeller, a shaft, a shaft sleeve, and a coupling , Keys and other components. The working principle of a centrifugal pump is: when the pump impeller rotates, the liquid in the pump is also driven by the blades to rotate at a high speed. Due to the action of inertia and centrifugal force, the liquid moves at high speed between the blades to the outer edge of the impeller, and the pressure and energy increase. Under this pressure, the liquid is discharged from the pump outlet pipe. At the same time, the pressure of the liquid in the center of the impeller is reduced to form a vacuum, and the liquid is sucked into the center of the impeller through the suction pipe under the action of the external atmospheric pressure. In this way, the centrifugal pump continuously sucks and pushes out the liquid, what is a chain furnace.

The SZS series boiler is an environmentally friendly product of Zhongzheng. The large furnace design cooperates with advanced low-nitrogen burners at home and abroad to realize that the NOx content in the boiler flue gas emission is less than 30mg/m3; the combustion chamber uses a narrow-pitch tube membrane water wall , Good airtightness, with the energy-saving device at the end of the flue, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 98%; in addition, the high temperature zone of the boiler body adopts forced circulation to ensure that the heating surface of each part can be reliably cooled and prevent vaporization, explosion-proof doors and flame detection The arrangement of the boiler also ensures the safe and reliable operation of the boiler, what is meant by a chain furnace.

   Since its establishment, Xinli Boiler has been relying on science and technology, seeking the market with quality, and winning reputation with service, and is committed to becoming a high-quality provider of new technology and new energy heating equipment.


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