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What does WNS boiler mean? WNS4.2- 1.0/115/70- Q boiler model explanation

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Guide: In recent years, friends who have been in contact with gas boilers will hear the new word WNS. What does WNS boiler mean, and what does WNS4.2-1.0/115/70-Q boiler model mean? Let’s take a look.

In recent years, friends who have been in contact with gas boilers will hear the new word WNS. What does WNS boiler mean, and what does WNS4.2-1.0/115/70-Q boiler model mean? Let’s take a look.

1. What is a WNS boiler

  WNS boiler refers to a fully automatic fuel (gas) steam boiler. It adopts horizontal internal combustion and full wet back, high-efficiency threaded smoke pipe, and is equipped with a perfect insulation outsourcing design. The boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 90%. The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, and the technology Good performance, so that this product has outstanding quality.

  Advanced steam boiler automatic controller, full Chinese LCD screen, man-machine interface, users only need to easily set, the boiler can start and stop, load adjustment, automatic water supply and other automatic operations according to user requirements. The boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, and has a self-diagnostic function. Once the boiler is running abnormally, the combustion will be automatically interrupted and an audible and visual alarm will be issued.

  The boiler burner is supplied by a world-renowned manufacturer. It automatically burns and stops in accordance with the instructions of the controller. The independent program controller has multiple safety protections, safe and stable performance, and low failure rate.

  The boiler adopts a shell-type full wet-back downstream three-pass pyrotechnic tube structure. The flame burns in a large combustion chamber with slight positive pressure, fully extended, low combustion heat load and high combustion heat efficiency, which effectively reduces the exhaust gas temperature, saves energy and reduces consumption. Use economy. The structure of the corrugated furnace bladder and the threaded smoke tube not only improves the heat absorption strength of the boiler, but also meets the needs of thermal expansion of the heat exchange surface, which is scientific and reasonable, and durable.

wns oil gas boiler

2、WNS4.2- 1.0/115/70- Q

  This model indicates a 4.2 MW gas pressure hot water boiler; WNS indicates that the boiler is a horizontal internal combustion chamber burner; 4.2 indicates that the rated thermal power is 4.2 MW; 1.0 indicates that the design pressure is 1.0 MPa; 115 indicates that the outlet water temperature is 115 degrees; 70 indicates that the return water temperature is 70 degrees; Q indicates that the fuel is gaseous fuel.

3. Selection of gas hot water boiler

  Gas-fired hot water boilers are mostly used for heating and bathing. The boiler type selection needs to calculate the required heating capacity first, and calculate the boiler model based on the mass heat.

The above is a brief introduction to WNS boilers and WNS4.2-1.0/115/70-Q boilers. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please consult us.


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