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4 ways of daily maintenance of atmospheric hot water boiler

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Guide: We also need the main daily maintenance while the boiler is running and burning. Today we take the atmospheric hot water boiler as an example. How to carry out the daily maintenance?

        4 ways of daily maintenance of atmospheric hot water boiler:

   When we carry out the boiler operation and combustion, we also need the main daily maintenance. Today we take the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler as an example. How to carry out the daily maintenance?

   1. The following points should be paid attention to in daily maintenance of hot water boiler during operation:

  ⑴, the furnace is not allowed to smoke and burn under positive pressure, because it is easy to burn out the coal injection door, the fire door and the arc-shaped protective pipe brick.

  ⑵. If the induced draft fan vibrates violently, it should be stopped for inspection. Generally, it is caused by the wear of the internal impeller and should be replaced.

   (3) Water should not accumulate on the ground at the bottom of the hot water boiler to prevent moisture from corroding the base.

  2. The hot water boiler runs for 2-3 weeks and should be checked once.

  ⑴, look at the two fire holes from the upper part of the back of the hot water boiler to remove the dust on the upper part of the two-wing flue.

(2) Open the front smoke box and the rear inspection hole. If there is dust accumulation in the smoke pipe, it should be removed. If there is no dust accumulation, the opening time can be extended in the future, once a month, if there is still no dust accumulation, it can be extended to 2-3 Open once a month. At the same time, check whether the smoke box is tightly closed and whether there is any leakage at the end of the smoke pipe. If there is any, it should be welded in time.

  ⑶. Properly check the V-belt of the induced draft fan to prevent slipping during operation and reduce the wear of the belt caused by the air volume and pressure.

  ⑷, there is leakage at the joints of valves and pipe flanges and should be repaired.

  3. After the operation of the hot water boiler every 3-6 months, the boiler should be shut down for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. In addition to the above 2 tasks, the following tasks must be carried out:

  ⑴, remove the scale and sludge inside the drum, the water wall and the left and right headers, and rinse them with clean water.

  ⑵, remove the soot and soot on the fire surface of the water wall pipe and the pot.

⑶. Check whether there is corrosion inside and outside the welded steel plate of the boiler. If there is a serious defect, it should be repaired immediately. If the defect is not serious, it can be left for repair at the next shutdown of the furnace. If a suspicious point is found, it does not affect the safety production , Should be recorded for future reference.

  ⑷, boiler paint can be painted on the fire surface after inspection to prevent corrosion.

  ⑸, check whether the rolling shaft of the induced draft fan is normal, and the degree of wear of the impeller and casing.

⑹. If necessary, remove the furnace wall, outer cover, moisture retention layer, etc. for thorough inspection. If any severely damaged parts are found, they must be repaired before they can be used. At the same time, the inspection results and repair conditions are entered into the boiler operation registration. book.

  4. Maintenance methods for hot water boilers that are not used for a long time: There are two kinds of dry method and wet method. If the boiler is stopped for more than one month, the dry maintenance method should be used, and the wet maintenance method can be used for the boiler for less than one month.


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