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Advantages of biomass pellet hot blast stove

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Guide: Advantages of biomass pellet hot air stove: 1. Pure hot air output, no cooling pipes are needed in the customer's oven;

  The advantages of biomass pellet hot blast stove:

  1. Pure hot air output, no cooling pipes are needed in the customer's oven;

  2. The emission reaches the standard, and there is automatic dust removal in the combustion furnace, and there is no pipe blockage;

  3. High thermal efficiency, because there is no insulation material in the furnace, when the return air inlet of the combustion furnace is heated by cold air, the temperature of the air outlet can reach more than 200 degrees;

  4. It is suitable for heating products such as coating machines;

  5. The service life is long. During normal combustion, the furnace works in the state that does not reach the oxidation point of the steel, and the furnace does not turn red, which is a domestic initiative;

  6. The maintenance is convenient, all the main parts in the furnace adopt telescopic connection, and the on-site maintenance and replacement of any part can be completed within half an hour.

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