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15ton Coal Boiler Installation Site in the Philippine

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Guide: Model: SZL 15-1.6-AII
Steam Capacity: 15t/h
Fuel: coal
Steam temperature: 204℃
Body heating area: 311㎡

Model: SZL 15-1.6-AII
Steam Capacity: 15t/h
Fuel: coal
Steam temperature: 204℃
Body heating area: 311㎡

15ton coal fired steam boiler is installed in the Philippine, the boiler is equipped with chain grate, has the advantages of automatic feeding, save labor cost. The boiler is water tube boiler with membrane water wall, compare with fire tube boiler, has no limitation on steam capacity and pressure, so it is fit for the user who need large capacity.

At first stage, customer is very confused what boiler is suitable for his leather factory, based on the production capacity, our engineer calculate the suitable boiler capacity, which is about 12t/h. However, we recommend the customer to use 15t/h boiler with the following reasons. The first one is 15t/h boiler could offer more sufficient steam output, as the production capacity is a larger boiler is better. The third one is to consider the thermal efficiency, there will be heat loss, if need 12t/h steam, 15t/h coal boiler is the most suitable choice.

Compare with other companies’ SZL coal boiler, Xinli Boiler has it’s unique structure.

1.The furnace is designed as full water cooling combustion chamber, the membrane water wall increase the furnace heating area, improve boiler output and thermal efficiency.
2.Xinli Boiler invent the back-arch structure.
3.The boiler is low thermal inertia design. The advanced membrane water chamber and artful back arch make the boiler structure more compact. Moreover, the boiler wall is equipped with lightweight material, increase thermal efficiency.
4.The left and right header is designed as anti-coking header, remove the seal iron on both side, solve the problem of uneven wind.


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