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Qingdao Shinan District: Technology Innovation Empowers "Wisdom+" Development

2020-09-13 09:05    page view:

Guide: Lu Net, September 10 (Reporter Qi Lin) Recently, there are more than 20 roads in the four districts of Qingdao, including Quanzhou Road, Shinan District, Taidong 1st Road, Shibei District, Hailong Road, Laoshan District, Binhai Road, Licang District, etc. Road sections and 1,120 berths completed intelligent transformation and upgrading

Lu Net, September 10 (Reporter Qi Lin)

Recently, more than 20 on-road parking sections and 1,120 berths in the four districts of the city, including Quanzhou Road in Shinan District, Taidong 1st Road in Shibei District, Hailong Road in Laoshan District, and Binhai Road in Licang District, have completed intelligent transformation and upgrading. When parking on these roads, citizens can enjoy "smart parking" services, and parking efficiency and experience are greatly improved.

  Songli Group is the epitome of the development of "smart +" empowered by technological innovation in Shinan District of Qingdao. Since the beginning of this year, facing the impact of the epidemic, Shinan District has actively introduced corresponding policies, played the guiding role of the government, built a platform, and actively realized the docking of enterprises with banks and enterprises, solved the problem of "financing difficulties" for enterprises, and effectively supported the development of enterprises in the region. Especially under the background that market changes indirectly or directly force the development of enterprises, this not only accelerates the pace of technological innovation of enterprises in the region, especially empowers the development of "smart +" industry, but also improves its industry competitiveness.

Wisdom + energy to increase the "cleanliness rate" of the coal chain

  Coal is the main fuel for urban heating. Traditional coal-fired boilers have low combustion efficiency and emit pollutants, resulting in increased PM2.5; scattered coal leakage, loading and unloading noise, fly ash and dust during transportation, and with the expansion of urban scale and the substantial increase in heating area, the original A series of problems such as the inability of equipment to meet the increasing heating demand of residents have affected the pace of urbanization.

  How to solve the problem fundamentally? Qingdao Trier Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. empowers energy management and control by means of "smart +", and proposes an overall clean plan of "clean transportation, clean storage, clean combustion, and clean emissions", which has achieved Clean use of coal throughout the chain. Unlike traditional thermal power plants, Trier’s solution is to eliminate the dirty and messy coal storage yards, slag yards and coal conveying corridors in thermal power plants, and replace them with clean and intensive slurry storage tanks, ash storage and slurry pumps. , Advanced unattended equipment. The coal that was spilled during loading and unloading and polluting the environment was replaced with a clean and environmentally friendly coal water slurry.

  "The coal that has achieved clean and efficient use is clean energy." The relevant person in charge of Qingdao Trier Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. said that Trier's new coal water slurry has a burnout rate of up to 99%. It is to crush solid coal. Water and unique additives are added to form a liquid fuel similar to petroleum, and then combined with Trier's third-generation circulating fluidized high-efficiency clean combustion boiler to achieve clean and efficient use of coal. Take the 70WM boiler project in Jinan Thermal Power Leading City as an example. According to preliminary statistics, the efficiency of the boiler before and after the transformation has increased from 65% to 90.1%, and the total cost has been reduced from 147.84 yuan/ton steam to 102.43 yuan/ton steam.


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