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Fushun vigorously promotes green development, turning green water and green mountains into golden mountains and silver mountains

2020-09-20 09:00    page view:

Guide: The sky is getting bluer, the water is getting clearer, and the scenery is getting more and more beautiful... In recent years, Fushun City, Liaoning Province has actively practiced the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and continued to promote the prevention and control of air, water, and soil pollution. Relocation has embarked on a path of ecological priority and green development.

  The sky is getting bluer, the water is getting clearer, and the scenery is getting more and more beautiful... In recent years, Fushun City, Liaoning Province has actively practiced the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", and continued to promote the prevention and control of air, water, and soil pollution. Relocation has embarked on a path of ecological priority and green development.

   Fushun is rich in water resources. More than half of the urban population in the province drink water from the Dahuofang Reservoir in Fushun. In the past two years, Fushun City has insisted on establishing an ecological city, implemented ecological benefits for the people in accordance with the work concept of "industry + people's livelihood + ecology", and continuously transformed ecological benefits into economic benefits under the premise of protecting the environment. Come to Jinshan Yinshan.

   There are 43 nationalities in Fushun City, with a total registered population of 2.056 million. It is located in the Changbai Mountains and has a forest coverage rate of 68.5%. The forest volume is 69.53 million cubic meters, ranking first in the province. There are 323 rivers with a drainage area of ​​more than 10 square kilometers and 115 reservoirs in the territory, of which the Dahuofang Reservoir has a total storage capacity of 2.27 billion cubic meters. It is an important source of drinking water for the 23 million people in 7 cities including Shenyang. 52 kinds of minerals have been discovered in the territory, of which 18 are advantageous minerals, and the reserves of copper, zinc, oil shale, peat, niobium tantalite, etc. rank first in the province. Fushun is the capital of Wujin, Moyu, and the source of Lei Feng's spirit. In 2014, it was identified as a pilot city for the development of tourism in Liaoning Province, and Xinbin Qingyong Tomb was included in the World Cultural Heritage List.

   Build a "beautiful Fushun" and guard the green waters and mountains

   Fushun actively implements the concept of "green water and green mountains are golden and silver mountains", adheres to the ecological establishment of the city, and strives to protect the green waters and green mountains by building "beautiful Fushun". In recent years, through vigorously carrying out ecological environmental protection and restoration, reforming and improving the ecological environment management system, promoting the formation of green development methods and lifestyles, and solidly promoting the protection of blue sky, clear water, pure land, and water sources, the quality of the ecological environment has continued to improve.

   Fushun City paid close attention to the comprehensive renovation of coal-fired boilers, eliminated all coal-fired boilers below 20 tons, and installed online monitoring equipment for boilers above 20 tons. Carry out the city's special action for dust rectification and inspection of the ban on straw burning. Implement special rectification in key areas, adopt measures such as installation of monitoring and installation of catering oil fume purification facilities to reduce air pollution caused by soot burning. Effectively respond to heavy pollution weather, promptly activate the yellow warning of heavy pollution weather in Fushun according to air quality, and implement emission reduction measures for key enterprises in the city.

   Implement a water pollution ecological compensation mechanism, report monthly water quality compliance status, and impose penalties on counties and districts that fail to meet the standards. Promote the construction of pollution control projects to ensure that all major rivers in the city have completely eliminated the "five inferior categories" before the end of this year, and fundamentally improve the quality of the water environment. Carry out a special action for the prevention and control of industrial wastewater pollution, and severely crack down on illegal discharge of pollutants exceeding standards.

   Carry out land pollution investigation work, strictly implement environmental management of polluted plots, and comprehensively implement classified management and treatment of agricultural land.

   Dahuofang Reservoir serves as a centralized drinking water source and supplies water to many cities in Liaoning Province. In order to do a good job in the management and protection of the water source of Dahuofang, Fushun City strengthened the closed management of the first-level protection zone, timely maintained and repaired the damaged fences, in accordance with the "six prohibitions" (no residence, prohibition of breeding, prohibition of grazing, prohibition of boats, prohibition of swimming, prohibition of fishing). ) Requires strict management and protection. At the same time, the Dahuofang water source risk prevention and control project and the demarcation and mark establishment after the adjustment of the Dahuofang water source protection zone will be promoted.

   In the first half of this year, the air quality in the urban area of ​​Fushun City met the standard for 129 days, and the concentration of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) was 48 micrograms/m3. The water quality of the centralized drinking water source of Dahuofang Reservoir has been maintained at the Class II water quality standard, and the water quality of various sections of the Hunhe River Basin has been steadily improved.

   Make up for ecological shortcomings and implement ecological benefits for the people

Fushun City takes the implementation of ecological restoration and comprehensive improvement of the agricultural and rural environment as its key tasks, strives to improve environmental infrastructure construction, continues to improve the ecological environment, complements ecological shortcomings, pays attention to the effectiveness of ecological environment management, implements ecological benefits for the people, and embarks on "Industry thrives because of green, and people are happy because of green".

   Fushun City, a coal industry city, comprehensively manages coal mining subsidence areas and implements ecological restoration. Specially established Fushun City West Open-pit Coal Exit Comprehensive Treatment and Integrated Utilization and Urban Transformation Green Development Work Promotion Group, and issued the West Open-pit Mine Treatment and Development Action Plan, and promote national-level coal gangue according to the idea of ​​"industry + ecology + people's livelihood" A batch of projects such as comprehensive utilization demonstration base and the first phase of infrastructure construction of the financial town project have been implemented as a breakthrough for Fushun's urban transformation and green development.

   Promote high-quality and green development of agricultural and rural work. Since the formulation and issuance of the "Implementation Opinions of Fushun City on Better Support of Ecological Construction, Consolidation of Grain Production and Green Development Advantages" in 2018, various policies have strongly promoted the green development of agriculture. This year, Fushun continued to increase the comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment. Up to now, 460,000 trees and 1.146 million flowers have been planted. 42 beautiful demonstration villages have been declared and confirmed, and 1203 beautiful courtyards have been selected.

  Protect the beautiful green waters and green mountains, and make the gold and silver mountains bigger

   The concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" not only provides a code of conduct for handling the relationship between ecological environmental protection and economic development, but also provides basic guidelines for implementing the concept of green development and achieving high-quality development. Fushun City clearly recognizes that in order to make green waters and green mountains more effective to meet the needs of human social and economic development, it is necessary to transform development thinking and methods and utilize natural resources on the premise of harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. In recent years, Fushun City has vigorously developed green eco-tourism in accordance with local conditions, insisted on taking the tourism industry as the driving force, promoted the green development of the industry, and strived to turn the advantages of ecological resources into "real money", realizing the transformation of ecological benefits to economic and social benefits. Conversion.

   In the process of promoting ecological civilization construction, Fushun's tourism industry has developed rapidly. Fushun has the "Roof of Liaoning" hills with an altitude of 1374 meters, the "Liaodong God Tree" Red Pine King with an age of 1,300 years, natural strange stones-Qingyuan Stone Buddha, and three stones, monkey stones, Red River Valley, Marshal Forest and Hemu National Forest Park; "Mountains wrapped in clouds, mountain roads swallowed by forests"-National AAAA-level scenic spot Tiannvshan Forest Park; there are national key cultural relics protection units with beautiful natural scenery and profound historical heritage, and national AAAA-level tourist attractions ——Hetuala city; there is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction——Red River Canyon rafting. In addition, it has built a number of eco-tourism scenic spots such as Guanzigou, Shenxian Valley, Fengqiao Yebo, Flower Fields, Zihualing, Crescent Island, and Rose Garden by taking advantage of its rich natural resources to realize ecological protection and economic A virtuous circle of development and a win-win situation. The tourism system is constantly enriched and improved, and the tourism industry is booming. The ecological resources of Fushun City are continuously turning into ecological products, showing the vivid practice of the "two mountains" concept.


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