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The central environmental protection inspector feedbacks the problem to force the work to be implemented

2020-09-20 09:10    page view:

Guide: In recent years, Wuqing District has been promoting ecological environmental protection and construction work, insisting on shouldering responsibilities, implementing ledger management and project-based advancement, and the first round of central environmental protection The environmental quality continues to improve.

  In recent years, Wuqing District has been promoting ecological environmental protection and construction work, insisting on shouldering responsibilities, implementing ledger management and project-based advancement, and the first round of central environmental protection The environmental quality continues to improve.

  Break through the barrier and seize the pass, start the battle for the protection and restoration of the Dahuangbao wetland

  In 2017, the central environmental protection inspector pointed out that there was an illegal construction problem in the Dahuangpu wetland in Wuqing District. Wuqing District attached great importance to it and immediately established a special work headquarters, improved and improved the working mechanism, coordinated the promotion of the rectification of Cuijin Lake and Yanwang Lake, and implemented ecological Immigration, land transfer, and ecological water replenishment projects, with hard work as "pen" and responsibility as "ink", painted a new ecological picture of "flowing rivers, clear waters, green shores, and birds flying" on 104.65 square kilometers of wetland. Demolition of illegal construction, clearing of solid waste, and still green and wet. The Cuijin Lake project was reorganized into a breakthrough, and the “four major battles” were implemented, and various construction facilities that were inconsistent with the wetland protection direction were resolutely demolished. More than 12,768 residential and agricultural houses and auxiliary facilities were demolished, and 1,162 tanks were cleaned. 36,000 linear meters of pipelines, 1926.4 acres of land after repair and demolition, a total of 70.47 square kilometers of land in circulation, and simultaneous completion of "scattered pollution" investigation and treatment and rural environmental remediation. Strengthen organization and mechanism to improve wetland management and protection capabilities. Invite 11 well-known domestic experts in wetland field to establish a wetland protection steering committee, and jointly establish a scientific research and teaching base with Nankai University. Strictly implement the "1+4" planning requirements of Tianjin Wetland Nature Reserve, scientifically formulate special plans and comprehensive management plans for the reserves, and firmly promote the scientific and efficient development of wetland management and protection. Research and formulate a "package" mechanism for normal patrol, fire prevention and disaster reduction, and joint law enforcement to form a combined force for wetland protection. Make up for shortcomings, strengthen functions, and promote wetland protection in all directions. 70,000 cubic meters of silt can be dredged, 6,000 square meters of patrol roads, 55 kilometers of fences, and 203 million cubic meters of ecological water replenishment. Implementation of the construction of bird habitats, water system connectivity, reed shoals and river channel environmental management and monitoring platform construction within wetlands, indicators such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide have fallen sharply, lower than the national average. The water quality in the territory has been significantly improved, the water system is becoming more abundant, the vegetation is more luxuriant, and the biodiversity of the wetland is extremely rich.

  "Three-year mission completed in one year" Take the lead in realizing the global "no coal"

  From 2016 to 2017, Wuqing District invested a total of 10.1 billion yuan to implement the three-year task of replacing clean energy. In just one year, it took the lead in building a "coal-free zone" in the city and realizing the entire "coal-free". Strictly follow the work idea of ​​“power is suitable for electricity, gas is suitable for gas, and electricity is given priority”, distinguish different situations, steadily promote the management of scattered coal in rural areas, and complete the task of replacing 247,000 farmers with clean energy in villages in the region with high standards. "Electricity" 122,000 households, "coal to gas" 125,000 households. Carry out a drag-net investigation, establish a ledger, schedule the construction period, and simultaneously implement the conversion project of 18 central heating boilers above 35 steam tons and the conversion project of 47 central heating boilers below 35 steam tons to the grid. Coal-fired boilers, 264 government agencies and institutions and 597 agricultural planting and breeding households coal-fired boilers, 2,172 small and medium-sized stoves, 8,950 small commercial coal-fired facilities were upgraded, and 62 coal storage yards were cleaned up.

  Simultaneous development of "regulation, construction and management" Rural sewage treatment "three unifications"

  Since 2017, in order to solve the problem of direct and random discharge of rural domestic sewage from the root, and make up for the shortcomings of rural domestic sewage treatment, Wuqing District has combined the tough battles of rural human settlements and comprehensive treatment of the Bohai Sea to coordinate the promotion of rural domestic sewage treatment The facility construction was awarded the title of "Advanced County in National Village Cleanup Action in 2019". Based on the rural revitalization strategy, explore new ideas for rural sewage treatment. Promote the shift and upgrade of the old model of "household sewage tank collection + pull transfer + fixed-point treatment", propose a new model of integration of sewage treatment, construction and management with "three unifications" as the main content, and adhere to unified planning, unified construction, and unified operation and maintenance management. Guide social capital to go to villages and speed up the construction of rural sewage treatment facilities. From 2017 to 2019, a total of 1.59 billion yuan was invested, 289 villages built 267 village-level sewage treatment stations, 12 villages were connected to urban sewage treatment stations, and households were connected through the sewage pipe network, covering all toilets, baths, and laundry And kitchen waste water. Promote scientific and standardized management and improve rural sewage treatment capacity. Integrate online monitoring, video monitoring, dynamic control, and working status four systems, hire a third party for supervision and inspection, and realize "automatic operation + remote monitoring + regular inspection", and the government "pays for effectiveness". Since 2020, 267 village-level sewage treatment stations have treated a total of 2.865 million tons of sewage, and the qualified rate of effluent quality testing has exceeded 95%. In the next step, the Wuqing District Party Committee and the district government will use 3 years to invest 1.69 billion yuan to carry out sewage treatment in 296 existing villages that use “household sewage tank collection + sewage suction truck transfer + designated treatment”. Renovation and upgrade of sewage treatment facilities to ensure full coverage of the "pipe network + village-level sewage treatment station". (Reporter Qu Qing)


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