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Yantai Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau Zhaoyuan Branch: Practicing the "Two Mountains" Theory and Renewing Good Results

2020-09-25 14:48    page view:

Guide: In order to show the demeanor of Shandong's ecological and environmental protection iron army, play a typical exemplary role, gather strength, stimulate fighting spirit, take responsibility, and help win the battle of pollution prevention and control.

  In order to showcase Shandong's ecological and environmental protection iron army, play a typical demonstration role, gather strength, inspire fighting spirit, take responsibility, and help win the battle of pollution prevention, we launched a series of reports, in the form of video or text, showing that our province is emerging in the battle of pollution prevention The typical deeds of advanced collectives and advanced individuals. Today, I would like to introduce to you the Zhaoyuan Branch of Yantai Ecological Environment Bureau: Practicing the "two mountains" theory and then making new achievements.

  In 2019, the Zhaoyuan Branch of Yantai Ecological Environment Bureau deeply implemented the environmental protection concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". With green development as the fundamental prerequisite, the three major pollution prevention and control battles have been gathered and the city's ecological environment quality has been further improved. Was awarded the honorary title of Advanced Collective of Shandong Province Ecological Environment System in 2019 by the Provincial Department

  One, fully fight the blue sky defense war

  Actively promote the low-nitrogen transformation of natural gas boilers and the elimination of coal-to-biomass boilers, complete the transformation of 55 natural gas boilers; carry out the three-stage transformation of gas station oil and gas recovery, and 43 of 86 gas stations have completed the three-stage transformation of oil and gas recovery; carry out volatile Organic matter control and special inspection work, 19 first- and second-class auto repair units with spray paint business have all completed the upgrading and transformation of volatile organic compound control facilities; special rectification of the unorganized emissions of 23 key industrial enterprises in the city; re-revision Pollution weather emergency plan, supplemented and perfected the heavy pollution emergency emission reduction measures of 267 enterprises in the city, implemented emergency warning measures for heavy pollution weather; completed the "Shandong Province Winning the Blue Sky Defense War Battle Plan and 2013-2020 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Plan III Action Plan (2018-2020)" 12 key atmospheric control projects, with a completion rate of 100%; Organize the construction, public security, comprehensive law enforcement and other departments to carry out joint inspections on the prevention and control of dust pollution, and find 17 problems and supervise them within a time limit; establish a municipal atmosphere The Comprehensive Pollution Supervision Office conducts a comprehensive investigation of air-related issues in the city and supervises the rectification of problems.

  Law enforcement officers of the Zhaoyuan Branch of the Yantai Ecological Environment Bureau are conducting on-site inspections of the use of exhaust gas collection and treatment equipment in the auto repair plant to ensure continuous improvement of the atmospheric environmental quality in summer.

  2. Fight the clear water defense battle in an all-round way

  The "Work Plan for Remediation of Environmental Issues in the Centralized Drinking Water Sources of Zhaoyuan City" was formulated, and all 24 issues have been rectified; the investigation and remediation of sewage outfalls into the sea in the Bohai Sea area was promoted; The Survey Report on Domestic Sewage Treatment and the “Implementation Plan for the Treatment of Rural Domestic Sewage in Zhaoyuan City”, completed the higher-level deployment tasks in 2019 to renovate 87 villages.

  Law enforcement officers inspect the company's sewage outlet

  Night check

  Three, fully fight the pure land defense war

  Vigorously promote environmental risk management, control, governance and restoration of enterprises in key industries. All three Class A plots in the city have signed contracts and started to carry out related work. The contract value is 4.9 million yuan; the pilot project of agricultural land improvement is organized; Standardized management assessments were carried out for 5 business units and 32 key production units in our city, with a compliance rate of 99.53%, which is far higher than the 87% required by the "Implementation Rules for the Tackling of Hazardous Waste Treatment in Yantai City".

  Fourth, strengthen the environmental assessment and approval of construction projects, and innovate service models

  Innovate the service model of "Operation once" and change the series mode of "publicity before approval" to the parallel mode of "disclosure and approval". A total of 156 construction projects were approved and 12 construction projects were rejected, guiding enterprises to complete independent acceptance 97 A total of 170 independent filing projects were accepted and reviewed by enterprises, which further accelerated the implementation of construction projects in the city.

  5. Strictly enforce the law and crack down on environmental violations

  Strictly investigated and dealt with various environmental violations, issued 49 administrative penalty decisions, 49 environmental credit evaluation notices, and fined a total of 4.04 million yuan, handled 2 suspected environmental crime cases, implemented 3 detentions, and refused to perform administrative duties on 8 All punishment decisions are applied to the court for enforcement according to procedures.

  Law enforcement officers inspect the company’s boiler renovation


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