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Dianta Town uses the power of party building to promote the construction of major projects

2020-09-25 14:51    page view:

Guide: On April 13, the Yuneng Yanghuupan Coal-Electricity Integration Project with a total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, from March 11 to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s project approval letter to April 13 after the land acquisition agreement was signed, the project officially started. 3

  On April 13, the Yuneng Yanghuupan Coal-Electricity Integration Project with a total investment of 5.2 billion yuan, from March 11 to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s project approval letter to April 13 after the land acquisition agreement was signed, the project officially started. In 33 days, it created the fastest record for a major project in Yulin City from project approval to official start. People call it "store tower speed". This major project only completed the complex work such as land acquisition and demolition in a short time. It was benefited from the great attention given by the Dianta Town Party Committee and the government to key projects and the town’s establishment to promote the smooth progress of the project. The temporary party branch and the party branch of the village where the project is located have played the role of a fighting fortress and the pioneer and exemplary role of party members in land acquisition, demolition, and door-to-door ideological work of the villagers.

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  At the end of last year, after Yulin City chose Dianta Town as the preferred site for the Yuneng Yanghuopan Power Plant Integration Project, the more than 500 acres of construction land that needs to be requisitioned for project construction has become the key to whether the project can land in the shop tower and whether it can start smoothly. The essential. In order to requisition land for construction in a relatively short period of time and ensure that large projects land on store towers, the town party committee started from multiple sources and mobilized the enthusiasm of the party branch and party members in Yanghuopan Village, so that they could understand the general situation and consider the overall situation in land acquisition and demolition. Raise awareness and look at long-term benefits. At the same time, the “Temporary Party Branch of Yuneng Yanghuopan Power Plant Construction Requisition Work” was established, with the main leaders of the town serving as branch secretary, village and group leaders, and project construction unit leaders serving as deputy secretary and committee members. The members of the temporary party branch and the village party branch are assigned responsibilities according to the division of labor, those who assess land prices in different categories, those who go door to door to do the ideological work of the villagers, and those who propagate the relevant policies of the superior.

  In view of the fact that most of the villagers in the two village groups of Yangta and Yinta have relatives in their homes and families, in order to complete the land acquisition task as soon as possible, the project promotion temporary party branch and the Yanghuopan village party branch convened a party member meeting in time. The cadre meeting, villager meeting, and villager representative meeting. The secretaries, deputy secretaries, and branch members of the two branches strongly demanded that the price of land acquisition be increased, and some villagers also wanted to resettle college graduates from the village as villagers who agreed to the conditions for land acquisition to do persuasive education. For the few villagers whose home visits were not obvious, the temporary party branch mobilized the director of the Yanghuupan Village Supervisory Committee and Gao Shixiong of the Yangta Village Group to come to do the work of these villagers. Gao Shixiong took advantage of his seniority in the family, decent, fair conduct, and prestige among the villagers, and completed the work of 6 villagers in a few days. In order to successfully complete the project's land acquisition and ensure that the Yuneng Yanghuupan coal-electricity integration project finally landed on the shop tower and started construction on schedule, it played an exemplary role as an old party member.

  If it is said that the land acquisition for the Yuneng Yanghuupan Coal-Electricity Integration Project, the Yanghuupan Coal Mine was built in the village more than ten years ago, and more than 400 acres of land in the village were acquired. There is a reference standard for the land price. If it goes smoothly, the first phase of the Yangcheng development project in Shenmu City, the expropriation of 147 acres of land in Yangcheng Village, Dianta Town, is really a difficult "bone" before the town party committee and government. In view of the experience that the temporary party branch and the village party branch played a fighting fortress role in the land acquisition for the Yanghuopan coal-electricity integration project, which effectively promoted the smooth progress of the project construction, the town immediately established the main leader of the town The "Temporary Party Branch of Yangcheng Construction Relocation Work" in which the temporary party branch secretary and related personnel are the deputy secretaries and members.

  Shenmu City last year included Yangcheng Village, Dianta Town, the hometown of the famous Song Dynasty general Yang Jiajiang, as a key tourist attraction in Shenmu and invested heavily in construction. The parking lot and visitor center built in the first phase of the Yangcheng development project need to requisition the land of Yangcheng Village. After the members of the project promotion leading group established in the town went to Yangcheng Village to start the land acquisition, they were exposed to the super-high land price by the villagers. Frightened. The high land price of the villagers is not unreasonable. The 147 acres of land to be requisitioned is adjacent to the city’s land in Nihe Village, Yongxing Street, which is currently being requisitioned. It faces the Shenmu Binhe New District with tall buildings across the Kuye River, and is away from Shenmu City. The town of Dianta is also only a few minutes’ drive away, and the geographical position is very superior. However, according to relevant policies, the land price per mu for villagers after classification and assessment of the village’s land is not only much lower than the price expected by the village and the Yangcheng Development and Construction Management Committee of Shenmu City, but they are negotiating with the city to acquire Yongxing. The land prices offered by Nihe Village in the streets, and the Yanghuopan Coal-Power Integration Project are incomparable with the land prices signed by Yanghuopan Village.

  In the face of the huge price gap, the Provisional Party Branch of Yangcheng Township Construction Land and the Party Branch of Yangcheng Village first unified their thoughts and understanding. After that, the two branches were divided into seven small groups from the secretary to the branch members. Persuade villagers to mobilize and publicize policies and regulations. According to incomplete statistics, in the two and a half months from early May to mid-July, the temporary party branch and the village party branch held a total of 14 village branch member meetings, 7 party member meetings, 12 villagers’ meetings, and village representatives in Yangcheng Village. Will be 9 times. Because the villagers suspected that the land acquisition price was low, it took three villagers’ meetings to elect 9 villager representatives out of the 425 villagers in the village. The members of the two branch branches visited 80% of the village’s farmers and about 90. Household. It also organized 18 village officials and representatives of villagers to visit Chiniu Nuo Village in Jia County and Zhaojiamao Village in Yuyang District to let them experience the changes brought to the village by rural tourism development and the benefits the villagers received, and broaden the village cadres and villagers. The vision of the village representative. Starting from the weak links of the village and the villagers, entering the households to calculate the income gains and losses for the villagers, individual conversations to introduce to them in detail the development plan of Yangcheng, and the prospects after development. The town’s party committee secretary Hao Guangqing and the mayor Zhao Hongbo also went to the village five times to give party lectures, leading the village cadres to select a centralized resettlement site covering an area of ​​70 acres...Finally, the town party committee relied on everything the villagers thought and did everything. The people’s sincerity in consideration, relying on the town’s party committee and Bao village cadres, in recent years, have coordinated and resolved the petition case registered for eight years in Central, Province, and Yulin City for a villager in the village, and properly handled the dispute between Murakami and the construction unit of Shenmu City East Crossing Road. After the facts, the prestige established among the villagers in peacetime and the villagers' trust in the town party committee and the village cadres, the villagers finally signed the land acquisition agreement, which was the first step for the development of Yangcheng in Shenmu City.

  Two 40-steam-ton heating boilers and two 10-steam-ton heating boilers used for heating by villagers in Shangshilagou Village in Shenmu North Station, a subsidiary of Shenshuo Railway Company, contribute to the ecological environment of Dianta Town The renovation has brought considerable pressure. For various reasons, the self-built heating boilers in the North Station and Murakami have not been dismantled as required by the superiors. Last year, the town listed the Shenmu North Station office area and Shangshilagou Village's central heating as key tasks in the town. The secretary Hao Guangqing and the mayor Zhao Hongbo visited the North Station many times to discuss with the station leaders and seek solutions. The town party committee asked the party branch, village committee and all party members of Shangshilagou Village to speak about party spirit, improve political positions, and establish a sense of the overall situation. After persuasion and mobilization, Murakami first took the lead in dismantling two heating boilers. The North Station saw that Murakami had dismantled its self-built boilers. State-owned enterprises that should assume more social responsibilities would not justify the removal of boilers. Driven by the influence of Murakami, the North Station also dismantled the boiler in a short time. After that, after the town’s multi-party coordination, the 6-kilometer-long main network of the central heating project invested 55 million yuan in the North Station was completed at the end of August. The central heating problem of 700,000 square meters in North Station and 300,000 square meters in Shangshilagou Village will be taken care of by the Dian Tower Heating Company this winter. The demolition of a total of 100-steam-ton boilers completely solved the old problem that the Beizhan and Shangshilagou Villages, which had plagued the town for three years, were delayed in dismantling the boilers, and the environmental improvement work often dragged the town back.


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