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Heihe City Do a Good Job in Pollution Control and Promote the Continuous Improvement of Ecological Environment

2020-09-26 09:00    page view:

Guide: Today’s Heihe, the green mountains are like daisies, the clear water is full of flowers, the flowers bloom everywhere, the eyes are beautiful, the eyes are full of green and intoxicating, and the unique charm is exuded from the inside to the outside...

A brand new picture of blue water and blue sky

——Our city does a good job in pollution control and promotes the continuous improvement of the ecological environment

  Today’s Heihe, with green mountains like daisies, clear waters, flowers blooming everywhere, beautiful eyes, green eyes everywhere, and a unique charm from the inside to the outside... This picturesque beauty everywhere is an ecological impact on our city. The best interpretation of environmental governance. Since the beginning of the year, our city has thoroughly implemented Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, firmly established the concept of “green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, ice and snow are also golden mountains and silver mountains”, with improving environmental quality as the core and fighting pollution prevention and control as the main direction. Focusing on solving outstanding environmental problems, taking the central environmental protection inspector's feedback problems to be rectified as an opportunity to comprehensively promote the defense of blue sky, clear water, and pure land, the city's ecological environment continues to improve, and a new picture of clear water and blue sky has been drawn.

  In order to fully play the "ecological card", our city formulated and issued the "Special Action Plan for the "Hundred Days Battle" of Pollution Prevention and Control in Heihe City", which identified 21 overall tasks and 35 specific battle tasks. Regarding air pollution control as the top priority of ecological environment management, we will do our best to ban straw burning, establish a joint meeting system, build a four-level grid, and conduct comprehensive inspections to effectively solve the problem of open-air burning of straw. Days with good air quality throughout the province the first. Continue to promote the elimination and transformation of small coal-fired boilers in built-up areas of county-level cities, regularly carry out dispatching inspections, and urge all localities to speed up the progress. As of now, 31 units have been completed. Strengthen the control of high-polluting fuels, formulate the "Notice on Delimiting High-polluting Fuel Banning Zones", clarify the types of fuels and work requirements, and revise and improve the "Heihe City's Emergency Plan for Heavy Pollution Weather" to ensure urban air quality. Carrying out the management of "scattered and polluted" enterprises, and all 54 enterprises have been rectified. Intensified pollution control of diesel trucks, issued the "Announcement on Delimitation of Areas Prohibiting the Use of High Emission Non-road Mobile Machinery", and carried out the registration of non-road mobile machinery codes. A total of 632 non-road mobile machinery have been registered.

  Put water pollution prevention and control in a prominent position. The implementation of the “14th Five-Year Plan” state-controlled section corresponds to the division of water catchment areas, pay close attention to changes in the water quality of the section, and timely take effective measures to ensure that the water quality of the state-controlled section meets the standard. Re-adjust and delimit 12 drinking water source protection areas. Advance the treatment of rural domestic sewage in cascades, determine 12 pilot projects for the treatment of rural domestic sewage in the city, and organize various counties (cities, districts) to carry out rural domestic sewage treatment. A special action for centralized drinking water sources was carried out, and 13 environmental problems were investigated and sorted out. 11 items have been rectified, and the remaining 2 items have reached timely progress. The task of anti-seepage transformation of 14 gas stations was completed ahead of schedule. During the epidemic, the supervision of medical wastewater, urban sewage, designated hospitals, and isolation points was strengthened, and environmental emergency monitoring was carried out 163 times, and the monitoring results were all up to the standard to avoid secondary environmental pollution that may be caused by the epidemic. Continue to strengthen soil pollution prevention and natural ecological protection. Formulated and promulgated the "Heihe City Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Work Plan", which detailed and decomposed 101 specific tasks. Strengthen key enterprises under supervision and complete basic information verification of 38 plots as scheduled. Carry out surveys on demonstration cities and counties of ecological civilization construction and "two mountains" practice innovation bases, and scientifically calculate various indicators. We will do a good job in the rectification of the "Green Shield" special action issues, and jointly issue the "Working System for Checking, Accepting and Selling Numbers for Nature Reserve Issues Rectification and Acceptance with the Municipal Forestry and Grass Bureau" to standardize the numbering process and standards. Up to now, 73 problems have been rectified and the remaining 15 are actively rectified.

  Since the central environmental protection inspector has responded to the rectification of the problem, the city has used the inspector Dongfeng to conduct a "full inspection" for the city's environmental protection and ecological civilization construction. Adhere to the problem orientation, take the central environmental protection inspector’s feedback problem rectification as an important political task, strictly follow the requirements of the municipal inspection rectification plan, fully perform the comprehensive coordination function, hold special meetings, carry out on-site inspections, conduct regular scheduling, strictly implement the monthly reporting system, and make every effort Promote the implementation of feedback problems. Up to now, the central environmental protection inspector has "looked back" and reported that 11 of the 21 issues have been completed, and the remaining 10 are being stepped up.

  Ecological environmental governance is effective and effective in rectification, but it will not be supervised and will not last. Our city has continuously strengthened environmental protection supervision and built an ecological safety barrier to make green the bright background of Heihe. Improve and improve the supervision system such as random inspection of ecological environment law enforcement, and effectively protect the environmental rights and interests of the people. We have successively carried out special enforcement inspections on environmental protection in industrial parks, investigations on hidden environmental risks in tailings ponds, and concentrated rectification of "scattered and polluted" enterprises, to severely investigate and deal with environmental violations. Strengthen nuclear and radiation safety supervision, formulate the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Pollution Prevention and Control in Heihe City," and improve the data reporting of 45 units. Strengthen the environmental supervision of medical waste during the epidemic, initiate supervision and law enforcement inspections focusing on the medical industry, and carry out comprehensive environmental law enforcement inspections on the production, storage, and disposal of waste in 2 medical waste treatment plants and 35 medical institutions.


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