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"Reduce the burden" for the blue sky, the main urban area of Xi'an will complete the "coal-to-gas" steaming 2,065 tons this winter

2020-09-27 09:10    page view:

Guide: Xi'an News Network (Reporter Guo Peiran) "Make the sky bluer in Xi'an and warmer homes." Recently, Xi'an Qinhua Gas Group has taken various measures to promote the progress of coal conversion to clean energy in the main urban area of the city.

  Xi’an News Network (Reporter Guo Peiran) “Make the sky bluer in Xi’an and the homes of the people warmer.” Recently, Xi’an Qinhua Gas Group has taken various measures to promote the progress of coal-to-clean energy conversion in the city’s main urban area. "2065 tons of steam, involving three heat source companies, Xiliancheng Heating Company, Chengbei Heating Company, and Xingfu Lin Belt Heating Company, are expected to reduce combustion by 1340 tons per year, benefiting 1.1 million residents.

  The reporter saw at the natural gas supporting construction site of Xilian Daxing Heat Source Company that the staff were welding the main pipeline. “At present, the overall progress of the coal cleaning project in the main urban area is smooth, but there are also difficulties in crossing the Xihu Railway, the Intercity Railway, and the Zaozao River." Shao Yongqian, deputy general manager of Xi’an Qinhua Gas Group, told reporters that in order to overcome the short time of the renovation project , The construction period is tight, the underground pipe network is complicated, and the construction is difficult. Qinhua Gas adopts new processes and new technologies to ensure that the coal cleaning task is completed before heating in winter.

  In order to help the city to control pollution and reduce haze, welcome the Fourteenth Transport with the blue sky and white clouds, and ensure that the clean transformation of coal-fired boilers in the above-mentioned heat source plants is completed on schedule, Xi'an Qinhua Gas Group has established a special work class of "Coal to Gas" to ensure the supply of human, financial and material resources Do not drop the link, open up green channels, reduce management links, and promote the smooth progress of project construction while strict systems.

  Besides, many citizens in life may be unfamiliar with the term steamed ton. The reporter learned that the steam ton is an engineering term in a steam boiler, that is, the amount of steam produced by the boiler per hour, and this unit is usually used to indicate the heating level of the boiler.

  It is reported that Xi’an Qinhua Gas Group is responsible for the construction of Western Union Heating Company, Chengbei Heating Company, and Xingfu Lindai Heating Company’s coal-to-clean and natural gas conversion construction. They will be fully put into operation before heating in winter to keep citizens warm, safe, and safe. Clean for the winter. (Guo Peiran, All Media Reporter of Xi'an Press)


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