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Handan City, Hebei effectively strengthens market supervision during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2020

2020-09-27 09:35    page view:

Guide: China Quality News Network News September 21, Hebei Handan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2020"

  China Quality News Network News September 21, Hebei Handan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in Relevant Work During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2020" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice") to fully deploy the focus of market supervision during the "Double Festival" Work requires adherence to bottom-line thinking, increased awareness of danger, combined with the characteristics of "double festivals" and the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively investigate hidden risks in key areas such as food, medicine, special equipment, product quality and safety, and effectively maintain a good market order to ensure The people celebrate a happy, peaceful and peaceful festival.

  The "Notice" requires that the supervision of key areas be comprehensively strengthened, the key areas, key links, key places and key varieties are highlighted, and the investigation and remediation of hidden risks shall be carried out.

  One is to strengthen food safety supervision. Focus on the safety of corporate and school canteens, increase the intensity and frequency of inspections, ensure the safety of corporate employees and school teachers and students, and avoid gathering and group food incidents; focus on restaurants, supermarkets, farmer’s markets, tourist attractions, and highways Highway service areas and third-party network food delivery platforms and other key areas for food production, circulation, and operation. Supervise and urge operators to earnestly implement their main responsibilities. Prohibit purchasing and using livestock, poultry and wild animals from unknown sources and without quarantine certificates, and increase law enforcement inspections Frequency, comprehensive investigation and elimination of hidden food safety risks.

  The second is to strengthen drug safety supervision. Conduct special inspections on drug production and business units such as pharmacies, medical institutions, and drug manufacturers within the jurisdiction, focusing on the quality inspection of epidemic prevention drugs, medical equipment, protective equipment, etc., strictly control the quality of medical equipment and protective equipment, and ensure the safety of the people in drug use ; Adhere to the real-name registration system for purchasing anti-fever medicines in pharmacies, make timely monitoring and analysis, and report to the city and county epidemic prevention and control leading groups.

  The third is to strengthen the safety supervision of special equipment. Carry out special safety inspections at stations, large shopping malls, hospitals, tourist attractions, bazaars, schools, labor-intensive enterprises and other key equipment such as elevators, boilers, large-scale amusement facilities, and passenger ropeways, and establish special safety inspections during festivals. The equipment safety emergency on-duty system ensures that problems can be quickly responded and effectively handled.

  Fourth is to strengthen product quality and safety supervision. Carry out quality supervision and inspection to protect the rights and interests of consumers and create a good consumption environment with key products such as baby products, children's toys, school supplies, adult clothing, household appliances and other products that are popular on holiday. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of flammable and explosive and other hazardous chemicals enterprises, supervise and urge rectification of enterprises with problems, and cancel production licenses in accordance with the law for those that do not rectify and reform in place.

  The fifth is to strengthen market price supervision. Attach great importance to the impact of the concentrated release of holiday consumer demand on price operations, and pay close attention to price fluctuations. Focusing on key areas such as grain, oil, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, milk and salt, festive consumer goods, tourism, commercial retail and other key areas, strengthen market price supervision, and resolutely investigate and punish illegal activities such as price hikes.

  The sixth is to strengthen the supervision of marketing activities. Focus on tourist attractions, commercial streets, and transportation distribution centers, strengthen the supervision and inspection of tourism-related industries, and purify the tourism market environment during the festival; strengthen the protection of trademark rights, and resolutely crack down on the sale of fake and inferior tourist products; severely crack down on unlicensed operations , False propaganda and other illegal activities; deepen the comprehensive management of illegal and illegal operations, and resolutely investigate and deal with unlicensed operations that endanger human health, damage environmental resources, threaten public safety, and other risks, as well as affect public security. Strengthen advertising supervision and law enforcement, and severely investigate and deal with false and illegal advertisements.

  Seven is to strengthen emergency duty. Strictly implement the 24-hour double-post and leader-led system to ensure the normal operation of various tasks during the holiday; timely accept and handle “12315” complaints and reports during the holiday in accordance with the law, and respond to consumer demands and social concerns in a timely manner; strictly follow emergency plans and emergency work Mechanisms, make overall arrangements for emergency law enforcement forces and law enforcement equipment, and prepare for emergency response and handling in the field of market supervision. (Zhao Chunhui, Handan City Market Supervision Bureau, Hebei Province)


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