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Xinhe Street Gas Boiler Low Nitrogen Combustion Renovation "First Success"

date:2020-09-30 14:52:51     views:

  In the boiler room on the top floor of Changsha Beichen Phoenix Sea Shopping Park, a bright white low-nitrogen boiler sends a steady stream of heat to the mall. On the side is a deactivated blue boiler, which is much smaller. The difference between the two boilers is not only the appearance, but also the nitrogen oxide emissions and natural gas utilization between them.

  "The heating area of ​​the shopping mall is 15,000 square meters. After the boiler low-nitrogen transformation is completed, the emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter have been significantly reduced, and the emission reduction effect is very obvious." On January 13, Li, Director of Engineering Department of Beichen Phoenix Sea Shopping Park Jian gave a detailed introduction to the reporter about the changes before and after the boiler renovation. Before the renovation, the nitrogen oxide concentration of the unit vacuum boiler was 60mg/m3 and the particulate matter concentration was 8.2mg/m3. After the renovation, the nitrogen oxide concentration was 17mg/m3. The concentration of particulate matter is 4mg/m3, and the emission is reduced by half, which is far below the reference limit of 50mg/m3 and 20mg/m3. What surprised everyone was that this transformation increased the utilization rate of natural gas: In December 2018, the natural gas consumption of the mall was 53,822 cubic meters, and in December 2019 it was reduced to 23,048 cubic meters, calculated at 3.33 yuan/m3 , Saving a full 100,000 yuan a month.

  my country’s boiler air pollutant emission standards have basically gone through three stages: control of smoke and dust, control of SO2, and control of NOX. With the transformation of the national energy structure and industrial upgrading, the government is vigorously promoting the use of clean energy such as natural gas. The new requirements of the new era. Natural gas is a clean energy source. Why is it necessary to carry out low-nitridation transformation? It turns out that natural gas produces nitrogen oxides during the combustion process, and nitrogen oxides are one of the precursors of ozone formation. If low-nitridation transformation is not adopted, natural gas Combustion will become the main source of nitrogen oxide pollution in the air. In order to curb the emission of nitrogen oxides, Changsha City issued the "Changsha City Gas Boiler (Facility) Low Nitrogen Combustion Reform Work Plan" in 2019, which puts forward equal emphasis on management and service, and timely introduces rewards and subsidies policies, and takes multiple measures to promote low nitrogen combustion in gas boilers. Nitrogen transformation. In accordance with the unified deployment of the city and district, Xinhe Sub-district regards the low-nitrogen transformation of gas boilers as the top priority for air pollution prevention and control, and encourages boiler users in the jurisdiction to actively carry out transformations.

  Under the guidance of the Kaifu District Blue Sky Office, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, the District Market Supervision Administration and the District Emergency Management Bureau, the first batch of low-nitrogen gas boilers (facilities) has been transformed. Phoenix Sea Shopping Park is the first unit to sign a renovation agreement and complete the renovation. This is not only a manifestation of corporate responsibility, but also an inevitable choice to protect "green water and green mountains". It also means that Xinhe Street gas boilers have low nitrogen Combustion transformation "first victory".

  "In the process of promoting the low-nitrogen transformation of gas boilers, there are always two'account books', one for environmental protection and one for economic accounts. Facts have proved that these two accounts have achieved a win-win situation." Xinhe Sub-district Office Director Zhang Wu said.

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