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Take the case as a warning to the police, thoroughly investigate and correct

2020-09-30 14:56    page view:

Guide: Insist on ecological priority and green development, win the battle against pollution

  Insist on ecological priority and green development, win the battle against pollution

  Tianjin Northnet News: On September 28, the Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervision Group notified that the second Central Ecological Environmental Protection Supervisory Group found that the relevant departments of Dongli District had inadequate supervision of non-electric coal-fired heating companies and that heating companies’ daily routines Extensive management and low energy efficiency are not conducive to ensuring residential heating, and it is not conducive to the precise and effective implementation of air pollution control.

  According to the report, there are 114 coal-fired boilers for heating in Tianjin with approximately 8,495 steam tons. The heating season will consume more than 1.8 million tons of coal in the heating season from 2019 to 2020, which is one of the important sources of air pollution in Tianjin in autumn and winter. In the work of total coal consumption control, the Dongli District Urban Management Committee, as the industry competent department of coal-fired heating enterprises, lacked supervision of coal consumption. The materials reported to the inspection team were not reviewed. The actual coal consumption and reported data of some heating stations were both There is a big deviation. The Dongli District Development and Reform Commission, as the leading department for total coal consumption control, has arbitrary coal reduction and coal control targets. The target constraints are not real, and there are problems such as multi-management and conflicts, making enterprises at a loss and formalism. The Xinli Garden Heating Substation in Dongli District, in order to cope with the temporary fabricating of the original operation record of the coal-fired boiler by the inspector, asked someone to sign as an imposter.

  Regarding the issue notified by the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervisor, the principal responsible comrades of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have attached great importance to them, requiring deep reflection, comparison and inspection, and in-depth investigation of lax and false problems in ideology, style, and work, and in-depth investigation of environmental protection The bureaucratic formalism and lack of institutional mechanisms in pollution prevention and control work should be thoroughly investigated and reformed, and relevant responsible units and persons responsible should be investigated and dealt with, and accountability should be strictly held. All districts and departments are required to use the case as a mirror as a lesson, draw inferences, and thoroughly investigate the gaps and deficiencies in the management system and supervision mechanism for coal reduction and coal control, immediately plug loopholes, make up for shortcomings, strengthen refined management and control, and ensure truth. Reduce reality and control, and implement it. We must adopt a "zero tolerance" attitude towards deceptive and perfunctory behaviors, find and investigate and deal with them together, and never tolerate accommodation. It is necessary to improve political positions, strengthen political responsibility, resolutely take up the political responsibility of ecological environmental protection, accurately grasp the deep-seated pollution problems such as the heavy industrial structure and the partial coal energy structure, make determination and make great efforts to adjust the structure to further reduce pollutant emissions Resolutely win the battle to defend the blue sky. (Reporter Qu Qing)


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