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Lintao comprehensively cleaned up and banned small coal-burning stoves on the streets of urban areas

2020-10-01 09:00    page view:

Guide: In order to resolutely win the blue sky defense war and further promote the comprehensive treatment of air pollution, according to the "Three-year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War" (Guo Fa [2018] No. 22)

Announcement on comprehensively cleaning up and banning small coal-burning stoves on the streets in urban areas

  Residents on the street and self-employed owners:

  In order to resolutely win the battle to defend the blue sky and further promote the comprehensive treatment of air pollution, in accordance with the "Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense" (Guo Fa [2018] No. 22), "Implementation in Lintao County Work Plan (Lin Zhengfa [2019] No. 63) document requires that soot pollution should be further reduced, air quality should be improved, and the health of the people should be protected. .

  According to requirements, all small coal-fired boilers and small furnaces on the street will be renovated and banned before the end of September. In order not to affect normal operation and winter heating, the owners and residents of all buildings facing the street in the urban area are required to use coal-fired heating small boilers, small stoves, tea melting furnaces, grain storage and drying facilities, etc., before the end of October. Carry out centralized transformation, adopt natural gas, electricity and central heating and other methods for heating and water supply, and self-dispose of small coal-fired boilers and small furnaces used by each, and prohibit the use of high-emission coal, briquettes, etc. in production and life in the county area. Highly polluting fuel. Starting from November 1, 2020, small boilers and small stoves that illegally use bulk coal, briquettes and other highly polluting fuels will be dealt with by the County Market Supervision Administration, the County Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, the County Public Security Bureau, and the Lintao Branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau. The Taoyang Town People’s Government will jointly enforce the law and will follow the second paragraph of Article 38 of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China. If facilities that pollute fuel have been built, they should be converted to natural gas, shale gas, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity or other clean energy within the time limit set by the city people’s government. The coal-burning appliances used should be banned, sealed, confiscated and confiscated. Impose a fine. It is strictly forbidden to change the direction of the stove chimney into a non-street facing in the room. Those who obstruct law enforcement and gather crowds to make trouble during the rectification process shall be dealt with by the public security organs in accordance with the regulations on public security punishments.

  Dingxi City Ecological Environment Bureau Lintao Branch Lintao County Market Supervision Administration

  Lintao County Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau Lintao County Public Security Bureau

  Taoyang Town People's Government

  September 25, 2020


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