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Our city launched a hundred-day tackling action for air pollution prevention and control, focusing on the five major pollution sources and fully defending Lanzhou Blue

2020-10-03 09:00    page view:

Guide: On September 29, the Lanzhou Regional Air Pollution Comprehensive Control Headquarters Office issued a notice, deciding to launch a hundred-day attack on air pollution prevention and control from now on

  On September 29, the Lanzhou Regional Air Pollution Comprehensive Control Headquarters Office issued a notice, deciding to carry out air pollution prevention and control 100 days from now on. This action focuses on the prevention and control of five major pollution sources, including industrial pollution, coal-burning pollution, dust pollution, motor vehicle exhaust pollution, and non-point source pollution, and comprehensively implements strict management, strict inspection, and strict control measures, and vigorously promotes "civil defense + technical defense" "The management and control model ensures the continuous improvement of air quality, laying a solid foundation for achieving the overall goal of winning the blue sky defense war in 2020.

  This year is the final evaluation year of the three-year action to win the blue sky defense war determined by the State Council. The provincial government has issued the air quality goal task of our city: the proportion of good days in the year must reach 81.1% or more, inhalable particulate matter (PM10), fine The concentration of particulate matter (PM2.5) must be controlled within 76 micrograms/m3 and 34 micrograms/m3 respectively.

  As of September 25, the city’s air quality compliance days were 230 days, an increase of 7 days over the same period last year; the compliance rate was 85.5%, an increase of 2.3 percentage points year-on-year. Compared with the same period of the previous year, the concentration of the six pollutants showed a trend of "three drops, two increases and one level". The concentrations of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone decreased by 10.5%, 3.0% and 1.4% respectively; PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations Increased by 0.7% and 2.8% respectively; the concentration of carbon monoxide remained the same as the same period last year, and the concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 that were evaluated were 71 micrograms/m3 and 32 micrograms/m3. The fourth quarter, especially the winter defense period, was affected by the heating season and quiet weather, and the pressure on management and control was unprecedentedly huge, and the situation was very urgent.

  Keep an eye on the pollution source

  1. Strict management of all kinds of dust pollution

  Every construction site must have supervisory personnel and responsibility "two in place", and the construction site must be "six hundred percent" all day long. The "one-vote rectification system" shall be strictly implemented during the construction of earthwork sites, and construction operations shall not be continued if the rectification is not in place. In winter, construction sites must be covered with dense mesh nets or sprayed with dust suppression and shell-building agents.

  Each member unit performs its duties to increase the dust prevention and control of Yanshi Highway, Provincial Highway 101, and Dongjin Highway; strengthen the cleaning of major and secondary urban roads; strengthen the dust control of industrial enterprises.

  2. Strict management of pollution from key industrial enterprises

  Since October 1st, it has started to deal with Jiu Steel Group Yugang Company, National Energy Group Lanzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd., National Energy Group Fanping Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Datang Xigu Thermal Power Company, PetroChina Lanzhou Petrochemical Branch, China Aluminum Group Lanzhou Six major industrial enterprises that emit atmospheric emissions, including the Aluminum Branch, implemented special strict control measures during the winter prevention period. The startup and shutdown of the unit and the operation of environmental protection facilities must be filed with the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau before implementation. The ecological environment department will continue to carry out on-site supervision.

  3. Strengthen the supervision of scattered and polluting enterprises

  Those "scattered, messy, and polluting" enterprises that are included in the elimination category will all be shut down and banned by the local district and county government in accordance with laws and regulations before October 31, and relevant departments will do a good job in assisting and supervising relocation and upgrading enterprises.

  4. Strengthen coal-burning pollution control

  The increase in air pollution in the fourth quarter of this year is still coal for heating, and it is also the focus of air pollution control in winter. While increasing coal quality supervision and random inspections, secondary distribution outlets must register sales from door to door. Key coal-using enterprises shall conduct full-process monitoring of coal quality, strictly control the emission of air pollutants from coal-fired boilers (including pulverized coal and coal water slurry), and gradually reduce the amount of bulk coal used for civilian use.

  Continue to manage and control small coal-burning stoves, find out the numbers, and register household by household. In areas such as urban-rural junctions, shanty towns, and urban villages, fully implement centralized ignition, scattered fire, and distribution of ignition coal and clean briquette; delimitation is prohibited All small stoves in various markets and businesses in the combustion zone are banned, and the use of electricity and gas for heating is forcibly promoted.

  5. Strengthen low-altitude non-point source pollution control

  There are many areas of non-point source pollution, and it has a greater impact on air quality under static and stable weather, which requires constant attention. Intensify the supervision and inspection of catering units, establish a dynamic management account, and promptly detect and investigate violations of laws and regulations; if the "four burning" behaviors such as burning of domestic garbage, dead branches and leaves, scraps and low-quality coal are found, the Internet Grid staff must rush to the site for disposal within the prescribed time limit; establish a three-level responsibility system for the prohibition of burning straw and weeds at districts, counties, townships, and villages, and implement grid-based supervision of incineration behavior.

  6. Strengthen supervision of motor vehicle exhaust pollution

  Motor vehicle exhaust pollution is currently the number one source of particulate matter in our city. 10 sets of exhaust remote sensing monitoring systems have been activated in the city to severely crack down on illegal behaviors such as excessive emissions, especially black smoke driving on the road, and basically eliminate the phenomenon of black smoke driving on the road; The use of key units and key parking places to supervise and supervise; strengthen the supervision of motor vehicle inspection agencies, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as falsification, falsification of inspection results, and false reports issued by emission inspection agencies; comprehensive prohibition of exceeding emission engineering machinery in prohibited areas to eliminate fraud Smoky phenomenon.

  7. Improve the air pollution prevention and control guarantee mechanism

  Improve the analysis and judgment system. The technical support team of the Municipal Office of Atmospheric Administration will comprehensively use various technical prevention methods to analyze and judge pollution trends through pre-research on factors such as weather and environmental capacity, and propose precise targeted prevention and control work recommendations. The Municipal Atmospheric Office publishes the status of ambient air quality daily, ranks and publishes ambient air quality weekly and monthly, and holds accountability for the deterioration of ambient air quality.


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