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Zuoqi Market Supervision Bureau launches safety inspection of boilers and heating pipes before heating

2020-10-10 11:29    page view:

Guide: Recently, the Zuoqi Market Supervision Bureau has challenged Bahrain Zuoqi Weiran Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and Xincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

  Recently, the Zuoqi Market Supervision Bureau conducted safety inspections on Bahrain Zuoqi Weiran Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Xincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd., and Xianglong Thermal Power Co., Ltd. that are using domestic boilers and heating pipelines to be heated to prevent problems before they occur. Safe and stable operation of heating boilers and pipelines in winter.

  Inspectors focused on checking whether special equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure pipelines of heating companies are regularly supervised and inspected; whether safety accessories such as safety valves and pressure gauges in use are within the inspection qualification period; whether on-the-job workers are certified; boiler-related Operation, shift and maintenance records; whether the safety management system is sound; whether the emergency plan is effective, etc. At the same time, the inspectors also fully understood the company’s safety management situation through on-site inspections, on-site inquiries, and data access, and required companies to strengthen their sense of main responsibility, and to do a better job in self-inspection and self-inspection, to investigate existing safety hazards, and to ensure that the heating Period of safe operation of special equipment.

  After inspection, the heating equipment of the three heating companies all reached 100% of the regular inspection rate. They were in good condition, and no potential safety hazards were found, and they could provide heating on time. In the next step, the Zuoqi Market Supervision Bureau will continue to intensify inspections, enhance the safety awareness of corporate leaders and employees, ensure the safe and normal operation of special heating boilers in winter, and prevent various accidents.


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