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Yimen continues to vigorously promote the "coal to gas" work of coal-fired boilers

2020-10-16 13:49    page view:

Guide: Yimen County will continue to focus on Yimen County’s overall goal of winning the blue sky defense war in 2020, accelerate energy structure adjustment, and strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction.

  In 2020, Yimen County will continue to focus on Yimen County’s overall goal of winning the blue sky defense war, accelerate energy structure adjustment, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and replace 15 coal-fired boilers with less than 10 steam tons from 16 companies in and around the industrial park. And two one-stage gas generators are included in the "coal-to-gas" elimination list, and it is clearly required that the elimination task be completed before November 30, 2020.

  In order to ensure the complete completion of the work tasks, continue to reduce the total emissions of major air pollutants in Yimen County, further improve the ambient air quality, and make up for the shortcomings of ecological environmental protection in a well-off society. Yimen County has strengthened the organization and leadership of the elimination work, and established the elimination work leading group with the county head as the team leader, and clarified the responsibilities and tasks of environmental protection, industry and information, development and reform, market supervision bureau, park management committee and other departments , Strengthen supervision and supervision, and incorporate the results of the elimination and transformation of coal-fired boilers into the actual performance assessment of relevant units and departments. As of the end of August 2020, the county has completed a total of 32 coal-fired boilers "coal-to-gas" phase-out and transformation, and 27 sets of furnaces "coal-to-gas" phase-out and transformation, with an average daily gas supply of about 50,000 cubic meters.

  Yimen County has delineated non-road mobile machinery low-emission control areas and built-up areas of the county’s high-polluting fuel “prohibited areas”, implemented online monitoring of the ceramic industry, comprehensive treatment of industrial furnaces and kilns, and carried out comprehensive management of “scattered pollution” and dust Since the beginning of this year, the ambient air quality has been continuously improved. According to the "Special Report on Ambient Air Quality in Yuxi City", as of the end of August this year, Yimen County has achieved 148 days of first-class ambient air quality, 78 days of second-class days, and 0 days exceeding the standard. The rate reached 100%.


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