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Yanji City Market Supervision Administration strengthens safety inspection of heating boilers in winter

2020-10-16 13:50    page view:

Guide: In order to ensure the safe operation of heating boilers in winter heating enterprises in Yanji City, prevent the occurrence of special equipment accidents

  In order to ensure the safe operation of heating boilers in heating enterprises in Yanji City in winter and prevent the occurrence of special equipment accidents, Yanji Market Supervision and Administration Bureau conducted safety inspections on heating boilers in heating units in Yanji City.

  On October 12, law enforcement officers came to Yanji Chuncheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and Yanbian Hengrun Development Thermal Power Co., Ltd., focusing on whether the boiler body, safety valves, pressure gauges and other safety accessories passed regular inspections, and whether the furnace staff had certificates After getting on the job, the safety rules and regulations, safety technical files and other materials were checked for completeness.

  No boiler safety hazard was found during the inspection. The boilers and safety accessories of the two companies were all within the inspection period, and the safety technical files were complete. The law enforcement officers also urge the person in charge of the heating unit to do a good job of emergency plan drills, improve the ability to deal with emergencies, tighten the safety string at all times, increase the inspection and maintenance of equipment, eliminate safety hazards in time, and ensure that the boiler during heating Safe operation.

  In the next step, the Yanji City Market Supervision Administration will continue to conduct special equipment safety inspections on heating companies in Yanji City. If illegal activities are found, they will be dealt with in accordance with the law.


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