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Jinfeng takes the lead in achieving ultra-low emissions from 35 steam-ton boilers in Jincheng

2020-10-16 13:52    page view:

Guide: Polaris Atmosphere Network News: Recently, all four 35-steam-ton coal-fired boilers of Jinfeng Company were successfully integrated into the new desulfurization tower. After a week of operation and observation

  Northstar Air News: Recently, all four 35-steam-ton coal-fired boilers of Jinfeng Company were successfully integrated into the newly built desulfurization tower. After a week of operation observation, it stably achieved ultra-low emission standards, making it the first 35-steam-ton coal-fired boiler in Jincheng City Ultra-low emission enterprises.

  In 2019, the Jincheng City Ecological Environment Bureau issued the "Jincheng City Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan", which requires all coal-fired boilers with 65 steam tons and above to achieve ultra-low emission standards by the end of October 2019. With the opportunity of this transformation, Jinfeng Company actively implements it Pollutant emission reduction measures, scientific research, advanced research and judgment, and development of environmental protection improvement plans. The company built a new desulfurization tower system at the end of August 2019. On the basis of achieving ultra-low emissions from a 75-steam-ton boiler, it innovatively realized the SNCR+SCR coordinated ozone low-temperature denitration method, and laid a solid foundation for the full realization of ultra-low emissions.

  This year, in accordance with the emission limit standards for coal-based nitrogen fertilizer B-level enterprises, Jinfeng Company tried to gradually achieve ultra-low emissions with four 35 steam-ton boilers. Wu Zhisheng, director of the company’s Gaoping branch, told reporters: “The 35-steam-ton coal-fired boiler has a high concentration of pollutants, a wide range of fluctuations, a backward furnace model, and a large amount of exhaust gas. There are no successful cases in Jincheng to learn from. Although it has a comprehensive and ultra-low foundation, the new desulfurization tower has never been operated at full capacity, and it is still difficult to ensure the smooth completion of the gas merger under the premise of on-line monitoring and stability.

  There are no tasks that cannot be accomplished, no difficulties that cannot be overcome, and no enemies that cannot be overcome. Faced with the pressure and difficulties of ultra-low retrofitting of 35-steam-ton coal-fired boilers, Jinfeng actively responded to the policy requirements of “less emissions and more production”, coordinated and cooperated with multiple departments, and related personnel took the initiative to work overtime to design and review drawings, and communicate in depth. All members of the project department participated in the commissioning process. After 6 consecutive days and nights, 4 sets of 35 steam-ton boilers have achieved breakthroughs and stability in achieving ultra-low emissions.

  According to statistics, after Jinfeng's 35 steam-ton boilers have fully achieved ultra-low emissions, the company's pollutant emission reduction benefits have been highlighted. It is expected that particulate matter can be reduced by 8.12 tons a year and nitrogen oxides can be reduced by 21.153 tons.

  As a key pollution source monitoring unit, Jinfeng Company will continue to take the initiative, benchmarking similar advanced enterprises, actively introducing advanced environmental protection technologies, and constantly exploring the realization of a harmonious coexistence of enterprise development and environmental protection, and smoothly ending the "13th Five-Year" environmental protection plan Contribute yourself.


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