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The ranking of the world's top ten coal-fired power stations will refresh after this 1,240 MW thermal power unit is put into operation

date:2020-07-20 15:21:15     views:

  Two thermal power unit projects undertaken by companies of China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Energy Construction) have made new progress.

  According to the news from the Press Center of Energy China Guangdong Thermal Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Energy China Guangdong Thermal Power), on July 17, the 1240 MW unit of Phase 2 of Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant completed a 168-hour full-load trial operation, officially Put into commercial operation.

  This marked the full commissioning of the second phase of Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant. The power plant has an installed capacity of 5,000 MW, making it one of the top ten coal-fired power stations in the world.

  As of the end of 2018, the world’s top ten coal-fired power plants were Tuoketuo Power Plant, South Korea’s Taian Power Plant, South Korea’s Dangjin Power Plant, Taichung Power Plant, Poland Bicadu Power Plant, Jiaxing Power Plant, and Waigaoqiao Power Plant (15.850, -0.09, -0.56%) ) Power Plant, South Korea Yongxing Power Plant, Guodian Beilun Power Plant, Guohua Taishan Power Plant.

  Among them, the Tuoketuo Power Plant is the world's largest thermal power plant with an installed capacity of 6720 MW; the existing installed capacity of Guodian Beilun Power Plant and Guohua Taishan Power Plant are both 5000 MW.

  Guangdong Huaxia Yangxi Power Plant Phase II Units 5 and 6 have a single installed capacity of 1240 MW. It is the world's first 1240 MW high-efficiency ultra-supercritical thermal power unit and the largest single-shaft full-speed single-unit thermal power unit in the world. The overall localization rate of the unit is over 90%.

  On July 17, the official information of Energy China Hunan Thermal Power Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Energy Hunan Thermal Power) showed that at midnight on the same day, the 660 MW unit of China Coal Hongxing Power Plant, which was contracted by the company, passed 168 Hours of full-load trial operation, officially put into production and power generation. This marked the commissioning of both units of the first phase of the power plant.

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