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2020 4th International Biomass Energy Summit (IBES2020)

2020-07-23 15:07    page view:

Guide: Energy and environmental protection issues have become increasingly serious. Faced with the dual pressures of energy and the environment, China’s pace of adjusting its energy structure has not changed, and the proportion of clean energy consumption has continued to rise.

2020 4th International Biomass Energy Summit (IBES2020)

Meeting time: 2020-09-03 End time: 2020-09-04

Conference location: Shanghai, China

Conference website: www.biomass-summit.org

Organizer: ACI Events (Shanghai Gongjia Information Consulting Co., Ltd.)

Supporting unit: World Biomass Association (WBA)

Conference Introduction

  Energy and environmental protection issues have become increasingly serious. Faced with the dual pressures of energy and the environment, China’s pace of adjusting its energy structure has not changed, and the proportion of clean energy consumption has continued to rise.

  From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration and other ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Bio-Natural Gas Industrialization" and "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Non-aqueous Renewable Energy Power Generation" , "Administrative Measures for Additional Funds for Renewable Energy Electricity Price" and "Notice on Carrying out Relevant Work on the List of Renewable Energy Power Generation Subsidy Projects", indicating that the state has attached great importance to the development of the biomass renewable energy industry and further clarified that the central government will continue to support The biomass renewable energy industry has also brought new vitality to the entire industry.

  Based on the success of the previous three conferences, the 4th International Biomass Energy Summit will be held in Shanghai on September 3-4, 2020. This summit will focus on the latest policy standards, biomass power generation and heating, and biomass fermentation. In fields such as biogas utilization, in-depth discussions on challenges and opportunities faced by the industry, exchange of the latest technology and equipment innovation, sharing of practical project operation experience, and jointly promote the healthy development of the biomass energy industry.

Content of meeting Biomass Power Generation and Heating Forum

  (1) Interpretation of policy standards and market analysis

  (2) Biomass direct combustion power generation

  (3) Agriculture, forestry, biomass and waste-to-energy integration

  (4) Selection of core equipment for biomass power generation

  (5) Biomass gasification polygeneration

  (6) Steam turbine low vacuum operation circulating water heating reform

  (7) Biomass district heating

  (8) Clean emission and pollutant control technology

  (9) Power plant automation solutions

  (10) Biomass thermal power industry investment analysis

  (11) Design and optimization of combustion control system for biomass power generation boiler

  (12) Existing problems in the slagging system of biomass boilers and improvement plan

  (13) Digital and Intelligent Technology of Biomass Thermal Power Plant

  (14) Operation, maintenance, overhaul and heating guarantee of biomass thermal power plants

  (15) High-efficiency desulfurization and denitration technology and project case analysis for biomass power plants

  (16) Coal-fired and biomass gasification coupled power generation technology

  (17) Biomass gasification power generation process route and core technology

  (18) Biomass gasification power generation and heating market status and application case analysis

  (19) Resource utilization of ash from biomass power plants

  (20) Management and optimization of fuel collection, storage and transportation in biomass thermal power plants

Forum on Biomass Fermentation and Biogas Utilization

  (1) Biogas/biogas industry policy

  (2) Design and construction of large and medium-sized biogas projects

  (3) Operation and management of large-scale biogas projects

  (4) Comprehensive disposal of urban organic matter

  (5) Treatment of sludge from municipal sewage treatment plant

  (6) Livestock and poultry waste treatment and resource utilization

  (7) German biogas engineering technology experience sharing

  (8) Straw biological anaerobic fermentation system

  (9) Intelligent biogas engineering system

  (10) Comprehensive utilization model of distributed biogas

  (11) Municipal sludge anaerobic digestion process and pretreatment technology

  (12) Veolia municipal sludge treatment technical solutions and application cases

  (13) Co-processing of municipal sludge and urban organic matter

  (14) Municipal organic waste anaerobic fermentation technology

  (15) Efficient food waste treatment process

  (16) Comprehensive utilization technology and process of large-scale biogas cogeneration project

  (17) Intelligent technology of technological process of biogas engineering system

  (18) On-line monitoring and remote control system for biogas project

  (19) Biomass "gas-electricity-heat-fertilizer" recycling model in Anping County

  (20) Comprehensive utilization technology of biogas slurry and residue

  Participants will come from

   (1) Leaders of National Energy Administration, Ministry of Agriculture and related departments

   (2) Local Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, local Ministry of Finance and relevant responsible comrades and key business personnel

   (3) Outstanding representative companies in the biomass industry at home and abroad, and heads of leading companies in various industries

   (4) Representatives of outstanding biomass industry engineering, technical solutions and equipment suppliers

  (5) Representatives of relevant domestic and foreign industry associations, investment institutions, research institutions and other units

Floor Plan

  Corporate promotion opportunities

  1, keynote speech

  2, booth

  3, full-color conference catalog advertising insert

  4, promotional materials into the bag

  5, display stand/roll up banner

  6, the conference background version LOGO display

  7, tea break video carousel

   8. Video interviews and reports

   9. Media releases before and after the meeting

  10. Conference online port enterprise display

   For more promotion opportunities, please consult the conference staff.

  contact us

   Han Lin: 158 0089 8368 (same as WeChat)

   Email: info@aci-events.org

   Website: www.biomass-summit.org


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