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In 2020, Xi'an will stop 39 coal-fired boilers with 2,855 steam tons

2020-08-03 16:02    page view:

Guide: There are currently 16 central heating companies in Xi'an that retain coal-fired boilers, of which 13 companies coexist with coal-fired boilers and other clean heating methods, and only 3 companies have coal-fired boilers.

Xi’an Net News (Reporter Xinyuan Ma Ying) There are currently 16 central heating companies in Xi’an that retain coal-fired boilers, of which 13 companies coexist with coal-fired boilers and other clean heating methods, and only those with coal-fired boilers 3 companies.

  This morning (July 31), at the press conference on the air environment quality in the first half of 2020 in Xi’an, Zhao Wenjun, director of the Atmosphere Division of the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, introduced that during the Spring Festival this year, most industrial enterprises were affected by the epidemic. In the state of suspension of production, the contribution of motor vehicle sources and dust sources has decreased significantly, but heavy pollution weather processes still occur in our city. The main reason: thermal power generation and central heating are both rigid needs for people’s livelihood, and the pollution contribution to PM2.5 is about 21.6%, air pollutant emissions are about 15 tons/day, which is the main source of industrial air pollution emissions during the Spring Festival in our city. Therefore, the control of coal-burning pollution is related to the completion of the expected decline in the air quality index, which is of great significance to winning the battle to defend the blue sky.

According to the schedule of Xi’an’s ecological and environmental protection work scheduling meeting on June 2, on the one hand, this year will increase the supply of natural gas to ensure the operation of all gas-fired boilers built by central heating enterprises and minimize the use of coal-fired boilers; 6 heating companies that really need to keep coal-fired boilers, including the Chengbei Heating Company of the Heating Power Corporation, will complete the ultra-low or ultra-clean transformation of coal-fired boilers by the end of October.

According to the implementation of the above plan, in 2020, 39 coal-fired boilers with 2855 steam tons will be disabled, 15 ultra-low emission retrofits with 1,490 steam tons, and ultra-clean emissions retrofit 6 with 720 steam tons. It is estimated that about 525,000 tons of coal will be reduced. Reducing the emission of various pollutants by about 702.8 tons is of great significance to the continuous improvement of air quality during the "winter prevention period".

  Editor: Huang Kun


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