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Chemical Industry Boiler

Chemical Industry Boiler

Chemical Industry Boiler

Steam boiler is an important equipment for chemical production, and the steam produced by it is an indispensable source of heat and power in chemical enterprises. Steam boiler is suitable for all kinds of chemical industries, such as fertilizer plant, oil refinery, feed plant, coating plant, plastic plant, glass plant, sulfuric acid plant, coal chemical, petrochemical and so on.

Boiler Model Selection used for Chemical Industry Boiler

Chemical Industry Boiler

Generally, chemical production has low pressure requirements, boiler design pressure in 1.25MPa could meet requirement. Steam in the chemical plant comes mainly from the boilers of the own-plant or from the park's centralized heat supply station, and mainly from the waste heat recovery system or the waste gas incineration system. According to the actual needs and environmental protection requirements of customers, Xinli boiler provides customized heating solutions for chemical plants at home and abroad to provide the most suitable boiler heating system.

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How to Choose the Suitable Boiler

Determine boiler capacity

Determine the capacity of the boiler. The boiler capacity should based on the Heating Load Curve or Heat Balance Diagram, and includes the heat loss in pipelines, self-used heat of boiler room, available used waste heat. While, usually, it is difficult to get the Heating Load Curve, the heating load could get based on the max thermal consumption per hour within production/heating/domestic, and then determine by using the coefficient.

Determine Heating Parameter

The heating parameters of boiler room should be in accordance with the requirements of users' heat parameters. But in the choice of boiler, should not make the boiler rated outlet pressure and temperature and user use pressure and temperature difference too large, so as not to cause high investment, low thermal efficiency.

Chemical Industry Boiler

Determine Combustion Mode

At present, the main tendency of power boiler selection in small and medium-sized chemical enterprises is circulating fluidized bed boiler. In engineering practice, it is a reasonable criterion to select the combustion mode according to the fuel characteristics and the furnace type, in addition to the selection of capacity and parameters.

Determine Boiler Efficiency

Boiler should be more efficient. The boiler output, the number of sets and other performance can adapt to the demand of heat load change, in order to facilitate economic management. If the use of one boiler operating at full load can meet the demand for steam, it is not appropriate to use two boilers operating under lower load. However, from the perspective of safety production, it is necessary to consider whether a single boiler in operation can be started quickly in a short time due to failure, so as to meet heating requirements without affecting production.

Capacity and Model

It is better to select the boilers with same capacity or combustion equipment. If different, the max limitation is two models, to decrease the problems of equipment layout and management.


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