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Five boiler problems and their solutions

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Guide: 1. Boiler full water condition: 1. The water level of the steam drum exceeds the required maximum water level line, and the water level line cannot be seen when it is more serious; 2. The steam salt content is enlarged;

1. The boiler is full of water


  1. The water level of the steam drum exceeds the required maximum water level, and the water level cannot be seen when it is more serious;

  2. The steam salt content expands;

  3. The heat insulation data signal transmits the high data signal of the water level line, and the bell rings;

  4. The saturated steam temperature decreases;

  . The water volume abnormally exceeds the steam flow rate;

  6. When the steam pipe is filled with water severely, water hammer will occur in the steam pipe and steam will be emitted from the flange.


  1. Operation staff are paralyzed and careless, insufficient monitoring of the water level or operating errors;

  2. The automatic adjustment of water supply and drainage is not effective, and the common failure of water supply and drainage adjustment equipment;

  3. The indication of the level gauge is wrong, which makes the operation staff misidentify and cause the actual operation to be incorrect;

  4. The water level line maintenance is not effective or the water level line maintenance is not put on, resulting in a safety accident and the water door is not opened;

  5. The load changes drastically and the adjustment is not immediate.

  how to deal with it?

  1. When the water level exceeds the maximum allowable water level of the sub-cylinder:

  (1) Carry out the comparison and flushing of each level gauge, and check whether the label is appropriate;

  (2) Change the water supply and drainage from automatic to manual, reduce the water supply and drainage, and reduce the water supply flow.

  2. After the above solution, the water level still rises to +100 mm:

  (1) Turn down again or close the water supply door (or open the boiler economizer circulation door when water seepage is terminated); (2) Open the safety accident water supply door;

  (3) According to the steam temperature decrease, reduce or close the temperature reduction opening water door, and notify the steam turbine generator set to open the relevant drain door.

  3. If the drum water level has exceeded the upper end and the water level line can be seen from the upper end, the steam turbine generator set should be notified immediately, the report value is long, and the following countermeasures should be adopted:

  (1) Blow the boiler pipe immediately and turn off the main steam valve (single boiler needs to ask for the long-term willingness);

  (2) Terminate the water entering the heating furnace and open the boiler economizer cycle door;

  (3) Open all drain doors and drain main doors on the heating surface;

  (4) Increase the water level, pay attention to the water level line in the drum water level gauge;

  (5) After the common faults are cleared, resume the operation of the heating furnace generator set as soon as possible;

  (6) During the whole process of boiler blowing, if the water level line has appeared in the drum water level gauge again and the temperature has dropped significantly, the heating furnace can be kept operating again and the water level line can be restored as soon as possible.

2. The gas heater is destroyed


  1. The warm air temperature decreases;

  2. The heater has a leaking sound or significant water vapor, and the inlet and outlet air pressure changes;

  3. Steam is emitted from pipes and roads, and working pressure is reduced;

  4. There is a sound of water hammering from the drain pipe.


  1. Heat transfer control dust or fouling;

  2. The steam heating pipe leaks;

  3. Wind box ventilation;

  4. The drainage is not smooth;

  5. The heater material is not good enough or the quality of electric welding is not good.

  how to deal with it?

  1. Upgrade inspection to determine whether the working pressure and temperature of the steam at the inlet of the heater are within the rated value;

  2. If the steam pipeline or gate valve leaks, contact for repair and solve it, and withdraw from operation when necessary;

  3. Reduce the heater load, reduce the exhaust air volume and steam intake, and close the steam inlet valve and the trap valve when the leakage is serious;

  4. If there are surface defects, contact maintenance to solve them;

  5. Raise the drain and open the heater drain door.

3. Collapse and cracks in the furnace


  1. The air pressure is reduced, the ventilation rate is large, the oxygen concentration value rises, and the fire is outward when the pressure is positive;

  2. Destroy the exterior temperature rises, and the steel pillar burns red when it is more serious.


  1. The refractory insulation materials are not good enough, the repair quality is not good, and the maintenance after repair is insufficient;

  2. Positive pressure or firecrackers are often used in the furnace;

  3. Ignition adjustment is not good, and the flame management center is tilted and flushed.

  how to deal with it?

  1 When the damage is not serious, the air pressure in the furnace can be increased, the load can be reduced when necessary, and the flame management center can be adjusted to prevent the high temperature smoke from washing the furnace body as much as possible. The report value is long;

  2. The total area of damage is large, and the temperature of the furnace frame and the surface of the furnace body exceeds 200℃. The person in charge of the report should be asked to apply for the boiler blowpipe.

4. system software shock


  1. The lighting fixtures flicker and flicker, or even go out;

  2. The ammeters and ammeters, in addition, shake strongly left and right;

  3. The sound of rotating machinery equipment is abnormal;

  4. The working voltage of the hydraulic system, centrifugal fan, etc. will decrease during the shock, and the electric motor will trip, causing fire fighting in the furnace.


  1. Power consumption exceeds the power generation capacity;

  2. The system is abnormal, causing an imbalance in the power supply and power generation, and destroying the system software and operation.

  how to deal with:

  1. Immediately invest funds into safety accident lighting lamps, report the value of the lamp, and invest funds into the burner to ignite smoothly;

  2. It is forbidden to start motors with high power and terminate the operation of centrifugal fans at will during the shock;

  3. Stable the main parameters as much as possible, improve the ignition, and terminate all redundant actual operations;

  4. Improve the monitoring and adjustment of water level, air pressure, steam temperature and ignition;

  5. Accident expectation should be improved, communication should be improved, and resolution should be strictly followed technical specifications.

5. common faults of centrifugal fans


  1. The amount of current shakes too much, or exceeds the rated current;

  2. The air pressure of the centrifugal fan channel or inlet and outlet changes;

  3. The centrifugal fan has abnormal noises such as impact or friction;

  4. Rolling bearing temperature rise;

  5. The centrifugal fan vibrates, the string shaft is too large, and the anchor bolts are loose when it is more serious;

  6. ​​The centrifugal fan partition has frequent noise or movement;

  7. The motor burns out or the centrifugal fan trips.


  1. The leaves are damaged, causing the motor rotor to be unbalanced;

  2. The rotating member is loose, causing friction or impact;

  3. The smoke and dust are wet, causing erosion and dust accumulation of the centrifugal impeller;

  4. The anchor bolts of the shock absorber of the centrifugal fan or motor are loose;

  5. The bearing lubricating oil quality is not good, the remaining oil is not enough, which causes the rolling bearing to be damaged, the cooling circulating water is too small or is terminated, which causes the temperature of the rolling bearing to rise;

  6. The partition pin is loose or broken;

  7. Rolling bearings, motor rotors, etc. are defective in manufacturing and poor maintenance quality;

  8. Common failures of electrical equipment or termination of factory power.

  how to deal with it?

  1. If the vibration, collision or friction caused by the centrifugal fan does not cause damage to the machinery and equipment, the load of the centrifugal fan can be appropriately reduced, the operation status of the centrifugal fan can be checked, and the cause should be cleared as soon as possible. Common faults cannot be cleared and the aggravation should be terminated. Fan operation;

  2. When the temperature of the rolling bearing of the centrifugal fan rises, check the oil quantity, oil product, cooling circulating water and the working condition of the gas ring. When necessary, increase the cooling circulating water, carry out the oil supply and change the oil, if the above solution is solved, the rolling bearing If the temperature still rises, the centrifugal fan operation will be terminated;

  3. The motor has common faults. When restarting, be sure to obtain the willingness of the electrical equipment staff;

  4. When the following conditions are encountered, the operation of the centrifugal fan should be terminated:

  (1) When the centrifugal fan has obvious vibration, collision and friction;

  (2) The temperature of the rolling bearing of the centrifugal fan or motor rises abnormally, and it fails after taking certain effective measures. And exceed the allowable limit;

  (3) When the motor temperature is too high and exceeds the allowable limit;

  (4) When the centrifugal fan needs to be terminated due to common failures of electrical equipment;

  (5) When the centrifugal fan or motor has serious shortcomings, which seriously endangers machinery and equipment or life safety;

  (6) When a fire accident seriously endangers the safety of machinery and equipment;

  (7) When a safety accident occurs, the centrifugal fan must be terminated before rescue.


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