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How to avoid corrosion of energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers?

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Guide: Everyone’s idealized boiler system software is not prone to erosion conditions. The water in the system software is fixed, and the circulation system is carried out cyclically

  Everyone’s idealized boiler system software is not easy to cause erosion. The water in the system software is fixed and develops a cyclic system. But in fact, erosion is encountered by every heating furnace. In order to prevent the environmental protection heating furnace from being eroded, we will give everyone some suggestions:

  1. For green heating furnaces with a moisture replenishment rate exceeding the standard, be sure to find out the reason, disconnect all faucets, block all running, emitting, dripping, and leaking, upgrade the system software automatic exhaust valve, and strictly manage The program makes the moisturizing and moisturizing rate qualified.

  2. A small amount of filling water is unavoidable, but the quality of the supplementary water should be paid attention to, and deoxygenated water should be supplemented. Heating furnace water for independent heating can be used to recover the waste heat of the exhaust flue at the end. The cold water (softened water) is heated to 70℃~80℃, and then appropriate sodium ammonium sulfate and sodium sulfite are added to the heating furnace. Inside, it is beneficial but not harmful to the heating furnace.

  3. Strictly control the pH value of the boiler water, and check the pH value regularly (two hours). When the pH value is less than 10, the dosage of sodium ammonium sulfate and sodium hydroxide can be increased for adjustment.

  4. Do a good job in the maintenance of the boiler blowpipe. There are two types: dry and wet. The dry maintenance method should be used for boiler blowing for more than one month, and the wet maintenance method for boiler blowing for less than one month. After the gas boiler is out of use, dry maintenance should be used. The water must be drained, and the moisture should be baked with a slow fire. Then add raw stone or calcium chloride, and add 2KG to 3 kg per cubic meter of heating furnace capacity. If the cavity is dry, it can reasonably avoid the erosion during the suspension period.

  5. After every 3-6 months of operation of the gas boiler, the boiler should be shut down for comprehensive inspection and maintenance.


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