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Principles of boiler cleaning

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Guide: In the process of work, the boiler cleaning gas steam boiler is used in the whole process of application so that everything is normal and safe.

  In the process of working procedures, the boiler cleaning gas steam boiler is used in the whole process of application to ensure that everything is normal and safe. When designing the plan, it is equipped with a sound maintenance system software. The general maintenance system software for boiler cleaning gas steam boilers includes The five types are: water level line maintenance, working pressure maintenance, temperature maintenance, fire break maintenance, power-off lock maintenance, and low-nitrogen boiler cleaning should also be based on the working capacity of the heating furnace and the water body of the press After waiting for the situation, there is no doubt about the cleaning cycle time. Generally speaking, the cleaning cycle time of large and medium-sized boilers is short, once every two to three years; small and medium-sized heating furnaces are once every three to five years; small steam boilers have long intervals, usually four to six. Once a year. After the introduction of the heating furnace scale cleaning method, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the approximate cycle time of the heating furnace scale cleaning and which method should be used under what circumstances. If you select high-quality and durable low-nitrogen boilers, and do a good job in the cleaning of the low-nitrogen boiler heating furnace, you can get the maximum application value with low safety risk.

  Why is there such a big difference in the cleaning of the same natural gas wall-hung boiler? The reasons should be various, and the key reasons are as follows: it should not be a problem after the year, and the other depends on the external standards and applications of the heating furnace. Happening. Fifteen years ago, it was very good; if the heating furnace can be maintained and maintained on time, it will be applied for ten years. If the natural gas wall-hung boiler does not carry out maintenance and maintenance, the application cost is low, the actual operation is simple, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and it is corrosion-resistant. It is not easy to cause damage to the machinery and equipment during cleaning.

  The principle of gas steam boiler cleaning is to use high-temperature steam to heat the molecular structure of the stain inside the heating furnace and accelerate the fitness exercise rate of its molecular structure to damage the separation force among the stains, thereby eliminating various repetitions inside the heating furnace Sexual stains! The gas steam boiler cleaning equipment is equipped with a unique steam cylinder that can convert cold water into ultra-high pressure and high water vapor within 30 seconds! It can remove all kinds of stains and microbial species that adhere to the inner cavity of the heating furnace , Germs, and pathogens can be detailed! This kind of cleaning method can quickly disinfect and sterilize to eliminate stains without requiring chemicals, which is very environmentally friendly! Cleaning processing technology. *First introduce the fire fighting water carefully into the cleaning water storage tank. In the new technology of cleaning the water storage tank, the necessary cleaning drugs are selected intelligently, and the cleaning liquid is injected into the cleaning machine through the centrifugal water pump and the booster water pump, and the cleaning liquid residue is filtered through the filtering device. After filtering, the condenser is cleaned by a single tube through the pressure of the machine and equipment; the oxygen pipeline should try to avoid elbows and bifurcations, and the elbows and heads of the oxygen pipeline with too much working pressure should be made of stamping mold forming flanges. . The azimuth of the bifurcated cyclone should be at an angle of 45°~60° to the azimuth of the responsible person.


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