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What are the hazards of gas boilers and oil-fired boilers? How to take preventive measures?

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Guide: The fuel of oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers are flammable and explosive materials. The hazard of explosion in the boiler room is relatively large, and the sources of occurrence are generally electricity, natural gas and oil.

  The fuel of oil-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers are flammable and explosive materials. The hazard of explosion in the boiler room is relatively large, and the sources of occurrence are generally electricity, natural gas and oil. Therefore, the explosion-proof of the boiler room must start with the management of electrical circuits and natural gas and oil. From the analysis of the three basic factors that lead to the explosion of the oil and gas boiler room, the possible factors that may cause the explosion of the oil and gas boiler room are summarized, so that we can avoid the explosion of the boiler in the future work.

  1. Release source

  The location or place where explosive substances can be released is called the release source. Airtight containers and channels themselves are not considered as release sources. When accidents or when explosive and combustible substances are leaked during normal operation, they are regarded as release sources. The release source should be classified according to the release frequency and duration of combustibles. For substances with explosive danger, the most important thing is to try to ensure that no leakage occurs. However, this kind of leakage is inevitable, such as automatic meters, automatic analysis meters, valves and so on. Therefore, in the design, it is necessary to consider the explosion protection of electrical equipment in this environment for a long time.

  2. Ignition source

  Open flames, sparks, chemical reaction heat and the surface of hot objects can all play a role in ignition and become a source of ignition. The electrical equipment, such as switches, switches, magnetic starters, etc., arc generated during the division and process, and heat accumulation on the surface of electrical equipment may become ignition sources. The most important thing in electrical design is to prevent ignition caused by electrical equipment.

  3. Explosion concentration

  Explosive gas mixed with air in a certain proportion can form an explosive mixture. This ratio is called explosive concentration. When the concentration of the mixture exceeds the upper limit of explosive concentration or is lower than the lower limit of explosive concentration, no explosion will occur. Between the upper limit and the lower limit of the dangerous zone; especially the lower limit, because the mixture below the lower limit is accumulated, it may reach the lower limit of explosive concentration at any time and be ignited. Therefore, attention should be paid to the detection of explosive mixture concentration in the design of oil and gas boiler rooms, and indoor ventilation should be strengthened.

  3. The main safety hazard of air source boilers and electric boilers is the danger of electric leakage. Just do a good job of leakage protection and standardize boiler operation.

  Fourth, the safety hazards of biomass boilers are mainly reflected in the safety hazards caused by water shortage. When the biomass boiler is produced, the manufacturer can complete the automatic control protection device.

  Oil-fired and gas-fired boilers have potential explosion hazards, and fuel prices are affected by international oil and natural gas prices. This makes the cost and supply of boiler fuel unstable. The operating cost of electric boilers is the highest of all boilers. 50% and above. The air source boiler is only suitable for summer use and is more cost-effective. The operating cost in winter is equivalent to that of an electric boiler. Biomass boiler smoke and dust emissions are pollution-free, there is no hidden danger of explosion, and the operating cost is the lowest of all boilers. Heating a meal of water in summer only costs 5 yuan, and heating a meal of water in winter only costs 10 yuan. Biomass boiler fuel is made by collecting agricultural and forestry waste, and the supply of pellet fuel is stable. In order to save energy, environmental protection, safety and money, please learn more about natural biomass boilers, change the boilers to biomass boilers, and purchase biomass boilers. While helping oneself save money, it can also contribute to the country's energy conservation and emission reduction.


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